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15-02-2003, 01:24
The full Moon occurs in Leo on 16th February at 23:53 GMT. Leo is the Sun’s sign of rulership and imbues the Moon’s ‘feelings reactions and emotions’ with a sense of warmth, joy, honesty and truth. Leo is a demonstrative sign and does not kept things bottled up or hidden. Thus situations that require a show of feelings or emotion may be rather over dramatised but with a genuine wish to help and support others.

The main planetary features at this time are the Jupiter in Leo opposition to
Neptune in Aquarius. This is almost exact with the two planets only six minutes out of alignment, though as Jupiter is retrograde, the planets are moving further apart. The opposition may indicate a time when hopes and aspirations are expanding beyond what is reasonable – or that we are deluding ourselves by believing we can achieve much more than is possible. Setting hopes and aspirations high, but knowing that we are reaching for the stars is one thing, it is another to believe that these will be achieved with little effort by tomorrow. Jupiter/Neptune can at best bring a mystical experience of the divine – however the opposition may mean that we are more prone to mislead ourselves into believing that we are having a mystical experience by over romancing our experiences of the mundane world.

Pluto is in very close conjunction to Mars (again only 12 minutes of arc separate them) in Sagittarius. Pluto Mars links are associated with intense desires to win – fighting for something till the very end and the Assertion of power – This may well be felt more at a mundane level – with the threat of War looming over Iraq. Indeed the few days following this conjunction may well see the decisions made to go to war.

Both planets are opposed by Saturn in Gemini. This could symbolise a fear of war, an intense test of strength and the controlled use of Power.

At the Same time the Sun is applying to a conjunction with Uranus in Aquarius, a conjunction which occurs some 24 hours after the Full Moon. This is the classic conjunction of the rebel, the reformer, the revolutionary. Its emphasis is on freedom and independence. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius. There is some restraint on the Sun at the time of the Full Moon as it is just in trine to Saturn – authority, self control or the importance of time. By the time the conjunction with Uranus occurs the restraint of Saturn has passed. After that then we may be in for some rapid changes during the next few weeks.

Of the other planets, Mercury is moving towards conjunction with Neptune – this can symbolise inspiring communications but sometimes the message can be distorted or a ‘spin’ put on it that might not be warranted.

Venus in Capricorn makes no major aspects but is in quincunx to Jupiter. The quincunx is often interpreted as an irritation or friction – here between the Jupiter/Neptune opposition and the need to relate to others. The quincunx can also symbolise a need to re-adjust or simply to let go of what is no longer relevant. Venus is the only planet not in either Air or Fire – so the flavour of the Full Moon is action based on mental activity and communication.

15-02-2003, 07:26
there's alot going on but it explains some of the communications i've been getting from a man in my life. he seems to be moving forward but maybe not. i'm also having trouble getting my point across...but it makes everyone laugh.


15-02-2003, 07:58
....stumbling with getting the message across....
Venus in Cap?....this will sure have some personal effect for me with 3 planets there....Mercury being one of them.....I have been keeping quiet to avoid any frustrations.

isthmus nekoi
16-02-2003, 03:23
Minderwiz> thanks for the update!

lunalafey> Venus will be in 13 degrees Cap, so see if your Cappy planets are close to that degree.

18-02-2003, 15:04
my sun is at 9 deg. and Mercury is at 11 deg...
pretty close...
I have a sudden frustration in a particular situation. A friend I hve known for a long time, who has been my room-mate in the past, and at that time is was established that there is NO interest.
Lately he has been suggesting 'dates'. It has been going on for a bit, but now it's REALLY bugging me....and I don't know how I will take care of it but something needs to be said and I'm having a hard time finding the proper approach.
"knock it off" is not working.

isthmus nekoi
19-02-2003, 04:18
lunalafey> oh dear, that is always such a difficult situation isn't it? I hope things resolve themselves for you two.... Maybe things will settle down later; it's been very busy astrologically these days!