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26-03-2009, 16:04
In other words, are those cracks in a crystal – which can only be seen under a loupe (x10, I think?).

Are those real cracks as a result of a knock or something which is a result of a crystal formation?

Because isn’t it ‘bad luck’ to use and/or wear a cracked crystal?

I would love to hear your opinions!

Thank you xx


^ in the top picture the crack can be clearly seen (you can click on the photos to enlarge)

28-03-2009, 07:14
Your ring is georgeous! This must be the one you were wondering about what type of stone it was .. . . looks like moss agate, or dendritic agate perhaps, which is a type of quartz. Really stunning and I bet it has great energy too.

where did you hear that it was bad luck to use a cracked crystal?

I read that in some traditions the shaman/medicine person would perform in a yearly ceremony where they would forcefully knock the base of their power crystal against the sand of the beach, or another stone, in order to "recharge" it. And if the crystal broke, that meant that the shaman's power was over, and time for a new shaman. So that might be bad luck for the shaman with the broken crystal.

I have had a similar event happen, when I was purchasing a lovely channeling quartz and it slipped out of my hand and fell, base hitting the floor exactly. Some chips flew off, but it did not suffer major damage. I felt that it was the crystal charging itself up for me. Then I gave the crystal to a friend, and it did the same thing with her!

I think it is perfectly ok to use stones with cracks. Because the stones go through their lives and get banged up just like we do. It doesn't mean that there is anything fundamentally wrong with them. In fact, it may mean that the stone has greater wisdom now after going through the process of cracking, just as a crone's wrinkles show her power and knowledge and experience.

I have a rutilated quartz ring, with an incredibly strong healing energy, which I purchased from an antique store. I think it was owned by a witch before me. It has a rather deep but small fissure. I feel that the energy of the stone is not adversely affected by the crack at all.

blessed be!

Briar Rose
30-03-2009, 15:14
Tomorrow is Monday and I will get my diamond book out and look to read what it has to say about what cracks and flaws are. I rmember that they are not cracks and flaws. It's been awhile.

Again, don't give any negative attachments or lables to something being wrong or bad. If you love it then it's okay.

However, the Feng Shui books say not to keep anything broken. But how a Crystal grows is natural and not broken.

I'll look for the meanings Monday. I hope I remember.

31-03-2009, 06:53
I went to one of my favorite and most trusted mineral experts and asked him about cracks. There are many kinds. Most commonly the crystal will crack in order to adjust itself because the outside world has different pressure than inside the earth where the stone was formed. The crystal needs to relieve this pressure difference.

So the crack could be a natural part of the crystal, even if it occurs later on.

If the crack does not impede the crystal's functioning, then I would not put it in the category of broken.

Briar Rose
31-03-2009, 08:28
That was a nice way to explain it, brightbrook.

Here's what the America Diamond Association has to write:

Feather: break inside. There are actually two kinds:
Cleavage and Fracture.

Cleavage is a break in a relatively weak direction of the Crystal. It often has a flat look. Fracture is a break in other directions, and usually has a jagged look. The two frequently occur in combination, and the term: feather; describes their typical white, feathery appearance. Feathers can occur when a crystal is growing. They can be also cause by sharp blows.

:bugeyed: In the treatment known as fracture filing, feathers are filled with a glass-like substance to make them less visible.

There is also what's called internal graining, resembles faint lines, streaks, or ripples running through the crystal. It may also be cloudy., colored or reflective.

From your picture I am gussing you have a cleavage. The stone looks like it was hit. perhaps by you or when it was being polished.

I think it's okay to do healing and meditation with it. Some people believe that crystals can heal themselves.