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29-03-2009, 04:55

I know I cant compare astrology and numerology to see which one is better. Can any of you please tell me the relationship between these two systems ? like how can you use one to verify another ?


29-03-2009, 10:27
Hi, Sunstallion.

Each number 1-9 has a planetary energy. Systems vary a bit, but the one I use is:

1- Sun
2 - Moon
3 - Jupiter
4 - Saturn
5 - Mercury
6 - Venus
7 - Uranus and Neptune
8 - Mars
9 - Pluto

Info at this link explains this system further: http://yearseer.wordpress.com/what-can-numerology-do-for-me/what-is-numerology-anyway/magical-associations-of-numbers/numerology-and-the-planets/

I have found that it's not uncommon for someone's numerology chart to match up nicely with their natal chart. Someone with a strong moon may have a lot of 2 energy, for example.

Hope this helps a little.

29-03-2009, 19:16
As BigLuna says there are many numerological systems. Some of them are highly influenced by Astrology or at least were devised by people who were also Astrologers.

Clearly the two forms of divination are different and there is no necessary inherent connection. That is actually a good thing because one could be used as a check on the other, assuming, of course, that you believe that two divinations are better than one, rather than over divining leads to 'nonsense' answers.

I have taken a course in Numerology and read fairly widely but overall I find that Astrology is much more able to show up fine nuances that numerology. So if I do use one to check the other it is to use Astrology to check my Numerology.

However Astrology requires far more discipline and theoretical knowledge, it used to be a University subject and there's an awful lot to learn to get to grips with it. Numerology is easier to learn and yet still has a discipline to it - it's not entirely based on intuition.

For the taroist, Numerology represents a good second divinatory approach because of the obvious connection with the number cards but it can also be a useful secondary system for the Astrologer.

30-03-2009, 02:14
Honestly with you all, I just can't learn astrology at all besides the sun sign, rising sign, moon sign, number of houses, not far from that.

I have not been able to devote time to actually take a class in it. But half of the basic class is something I have already known.

With numerology, I can self-study this subject from books, just like tarot.

That is why I am asking the relationship between numerology and astrology in this forum.

30-03-2009, 04:29
To learn Astrology properly requires some dedication, as there's much more to it than beginner's books can cover, let alone in the Sun Sign stuff.

I don't underrate Numerology, it's a useful tool and it can fit in with both Tarot and Astrology.

There are correspondences with Astrology but to be honest, these are not necessary to learn Numerology and those correspondences are often reflected in Tarot.

So good luck with your study of Numerology.