View Full Version : Am Or Pm ? Take Your Pick!!

31-03-2009, 22:22
Hey everyone!

Got a question for y'all! LOL

I have heard ( from an seasoned astrologer) that it makes a difference on the 'power' of your planets whether you were born in the AM or PM.

I don't remember what it is she had said exactly. But if I am guessing right, I think it had to do with; if you are born in the PM ( up to- & - including dawn) then your 'ying' planets are more accentuated, whereas if you are born in the AM ( starting from after dawn -and- on) then your 'yang' planets are more accentuated.

Anyone knows anything about that?

Maggie, ''who feels like a kid in a candy store in this forum''...lol :)