View Full Version : Osho-zen Study Group

16-02-2003, 00:29
I see study groups on Thoth, Faerie's Oracle, Rider-Waite...but why not have an Osho-zen study forum? I'm sure its popularity isn't any less than the abovementioned decks!

16-02-2003, 00:50
I'd like to second this. I just got the deck, and I really do think it is amazing. It would be nice to have a section devoted to it's study. We could focus on a lot of things.

- fav and least fav cards and why (a given)
- maybe cards from the Zen perspective and from the perspective of our given religions
- using them for daily readings, Shadow Work, reading for others
- meditation ideas

The list goes on. Can you tell I've been thinking about this a little bit? One of the study groups I belong to has been discussing Zen lately, and I'd like to discuss some of the ideas in relation to this deck.

Pardon the rambling. I just got up. :-)

Ruby Red Slippers
03-03-2003, 14:08
I'm in, let me know if and when we get enough people to start this group. Love this deck!

03-03-2003, 16:25
go to studyforum -General, there is a sticky "starting a studygroup"