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10-04-2009, 21:00
The Sun and Mercury are transitting my 12th House. The Sun until the end of May, Mercury a little longer. From around mid-May Mars joins them, followed on the 22nd by Venus. Mercury goes retrograde in May, so it will stay in the 12th House longer than it would otherwise. It clears the 12th house around the 20th June. Venus will leave the 12th house around the 13th July, and Mars around the 22nd July.

Nice. Not.

Can anyone help me interpret these transits - and advise me how to deal with so many of my personal planets transitting my 12th House at the same time, including one retrograde? What should I look out for, avoid, do, etc. ?

Since this house is all about self-sabotage and hidden enemies...

10-04-2009, 23:04
Firstly it depends if the transiting planets will conjoin or aspect natal planets. If this is not the case then I'd ignore it. I'm firmly of the belief that if you expect something to go wrong then the chances are it will.

If there is an aspect between Transiting planets and natal planets then it's worth a second look. Obviously it will depend what and where the natal planets are.

Secondly don't assume that it's you that must be affected. The twelfth is the second house of friends - so something might happen to their movable property and that something doesn't have to be bad, as in this role the radical twelfth has no adverse connotations.

That of course is not the end of the 'relationships' that might be involved. The twelfth is also the house of your mother's sibling or your partner's pet, or even your horse or cow (assuming you have them!).

So don't assume that your twelfth MUST be bad. Even if it is, it doesn't have to be anything catastrophic - a transiting Sun in twelfth trine Jupiter in the fourth or fifth may well be a good experience.

If you do have a contact of some sort take a look at your solar return chart, and possibly your lunar return chart. If something is going to happen it should show up in them as well. A Transit will only trigger something if there's clearly something to trigger.

Remember the Sun transits your twelfth at the same time each year and effectively the same for Mercury and Venus. Have you noticed that things always don't run well at this time of year?

I suspect the answer is that there is not a repeating pattern of problems each year. If you identify years where it has happened, look at your return charts and it's very likely you'll find it reflected there as well.

10-04-2009, 23:17
Quite a transit right there! :)
Potentially a great time to visit Tibet or take some kind of initiation trip to India!! lol

From what I've read, the opinions on the 12th house transits differ quite a bit.

What I understand is that the 12th house is very much representative of the subconscious ( as per Jung) while according to some Vedic interpretations, the 12th house is described as the ultimate pathway to freedom of the spirit over ego and karma.

These two notions ( subconscious & freedom of the ego) are very enticing indeed. If you are looking for self liberation then I would be of the opinion that exploring your subconscious could do wonders!

Usually, people struggle to uncover what they have buried so deep inside the subconscious. When planets are transiting that house, I believe, it is a perfect opportunity to do just that! Which in turns, takes away from the power of any hidden ennemies, since those who wish to harm us usually pick at our ''weaknesses'', the ones who don't usuallly want to deal with or even the weaknesses we are not aware of.

In that perspective, here is how I'd think you'd best optimize the transiting planets thru your 12th house :

- The Sun : Spend some time on your own, reflect about who you are, observe your personality as if you were a 3rd party to your own self. Beware of fatique.

- Mercury : You may want to keep a journal, meditate, read, read & read some more. Beware of a tendency to worry more than usual.

- Mars : You may want to explore Yoga. With Mars in the 12th house, you may not be in the mood to fight and assert yourself. I am thinking that the struggle of daily existence will be of no interest to you...

- Venus : I love Venus in the 12th house! One becomes more giving, more self-effacing...more loving.

That's just my 2 cents,

Best wishes,

Maggie :)

11-04-2009, 00:06
Thus I prove the adage that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing :D

Thanks Minderwiz and Maggie!