View Full Version : Stones and the menopause

18-02-2003, 06:04

19-02-2003, 10:53
Menopause is a time of great transition so any of the balancing/smoothing stones would be helpful...moonstone is probably the best suited to all cycles of a womans life...a smoothing/soothing female stone and a master balancer of the emotions...aging and maturity is often a concern...on so many levels...so stones which have long histories of regeneration...like green jade...green garnet...and lapis...which also add their cooling properties...helping with night sweats and hot flashes...essentia oils such as clarey sage are very supportive of early and pre-menopause...while geranium assists in balancing during the latter part and completion of the cycle...

16-03-2003, 23:14
Rose Quartz is quite a useful crystal for you. Is gentle and clear and pink for woman. Or a Blue Lace Agate will be as good too.