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21-04-2009, 16:42
Was hit by retrenchment and now looking for jobs. Feeling very demoralised as the job market is very slow. Is there any crystals that help to uplift the spirit? Increase interview success rate?

Thank in advance for all the suggestions.

21-04-2009, 19:22
Sorry to hear that, Zentegration. I am also looking for a job in a slow market, I know what it's like!

As for stones:

- Citrine to uplift the spirit and lends confidence, and it's a stone of prosperity and abundance - wear it all around you as jewelry, carry it, place some where you can see that sunny stone, and put a small piece of it in your purse or wallet.

- Emerald (you can find some affordable ones in raw form - not gem quality - online: a small one will go a long way!) - helps overcome negative emotion and misfortunes.

- Jade (jadeite rather than nephrite), is a stone of luck, success, courage, calm and wisdom. Wear it as jewelry or find a little figurine or shape that inspires you.

- Garnet - all varieties - awakens the life force, stimulates creativity, and imparts stamina. Again, you can find some in raw form, not gem quality, which are very affordable.

- Hematite is protective but also boosts stamina, confidence and concentration - its iron content makes it a stone of Mars! You can find a tumble and have it in your pocket or near you at the times you need it.

- Pyrite is a fabulous stone for prosperity, creativity and mental focus.

- Lapis Lazuli brings clarity of thought and encourages creativity and objectivity.

In addition, I'd recommend strongly working with scent, as it is very healing and acts on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In your case, I'd suggest the scent of amber (natural resin, not synthetic - you can find it in oil/attar form online - try attar bazaar), which is a very sunny scent, a natural uplifter, suitable for men and women, blended with frankincense (also available online), which encourages courage, resolution and protection.

Go for a walk outside every day, at least 30 minutes a day - more when it is sunny, to soak up that life force, clear the inner feeling of gloom and refresh your thoughts.

From a purely practical, job-seeking perspective, there is an excellent book that has been re-edited many times (try and find the latest edition) called What Colour Is Your Parachute, about the creative job search.

Courage and good luck!

21-04-2009, 21:14
Fudugazi has offered similar advice to what I have to offer,
the list of crystals I have for this situation - rather the improvement of your situation include...

Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Rutilated Quartz, Serpentinite or a Precious Metal
helps at this time - ZENtegration

blessings to you


22-04-2009, 00:57
Thanks Fudugazi and MCsea for the wonderful suggestions. I believe I'm not the only one who are affected by the economic crisis. Maybe it is also a time for some self-reflection and counting of blessings that I use to have.

I do have a citrine by my side and really hope that it can uplift me with joy and positive energy. Have been staying at home doing job search since day 1. I think is time for me to go out and connect with the Mother Earth again.

Please continue to contribute so that people out there can also benefit from the knowledge.

26-04-2009, 20:53
I hope you still have many blessings to count, I am sure the citrine will help
wishing you all the best
and that this change of direction in the economy balances for the good of all very soon,