View Full Version : The impact of having a lot of debilitated planets in a chart?

26-04-2009, 05:07
What do we make of a chart that contains a lot of debilitated planets?

Does that speak to the character of the person who's chart we are looking at?

Maggie :)

26-04-2009, 20:13
I have the weakest chart in the universe. I wondered the same thing; my character must be weak:) Oh well, making the best of it is all one can do.

26-04-2009, 22:59
I have the weakest chart in the universe.

I wondered the same thing; my character must be weak:) Oh well, making the best of it is all one can do.

I try to console myself by believing that debilitated planets are the lot of great 'souls'! That is how damaged my chart is. And let's not even talk about Vedic astrology, I mean, according to vedic, I'm only good for the garbage! (nervous lol)


Thanks for your post Balenciaga, it cheered me up!

Maggie :)

26-04-2009, 23:26
Hitler had a very debilitated chart :P. I wouldn't call him a great soul. I'm not sure great souls have anything to do with the weakness or strength of the chart - except that people who can overcome positively the weakness of their natal charts would deserve the epithet.

I suppose it's all to do with how you balance your most debilitated planets. Most of us have enough strength somewhere or other in our charts to help us balance things out. It also depends what you want to do in life, and what position you find yourself in. Hitler wrought his damage because he was put in a dangerously powerful position, surrounded by men who reinforced his weaknesses, at a time in history when Europe was going through a very weak phase itself. All the ingredients for a catastrophe met. On his own, by all accounts he was a pretty lazy man, so he'd not have achieved much, either good or bad.

If I look only at my essential dignities (accidental dignities being different), I have a weak Sun, Venus, Saturn and a very weak Mercury. Not good. But I have a strong Jupiter and Mars, and a reasonably strong Moon, which is enhanced by a mutual reception with Jupiter. So when I feel the weakness in one or other area of life, I try and bring in some Jupiterian, Martian or Lunar strengths to balance things out (not too much, as that can have the opposite effect of making the weaknesses worse!) Sun and Venus are reinforced by the essential dignity of mutual reception by exaltation - so they benefit from any help they receive. My Saturn's a miserable old bugger who doesn't want to learn and feels no-one listens to him. Which is generally true :(

With my Mercury...sigh, I struggle on. I go through periods of intense writers' block, and periods of intense creativity and success in my writing. I talk too much and too fast, and have to be very careful to listen to others. I often have the impression of being misunderstood or not heard (rightly or wrongly). I can misunderstand others myself and jump to the wrong conclusion, mouth off and then have to apologise for hearing all wrong (and not listening). I am clairaudient and telepathic. I am impatient.

If I can manage to regulate my writing, learn to listen really well and apply patience, if I can agree to submit to necessary discipline... then I might deserve to be called a great soul one day ;)

ETA - I once had a Vedic chart done online - a freebie. The result was so bad I was depressed for a week and haven't been near Vedic astrology since.

26-04-2009, 23:43
Hitler had a very debilitated chart :P. I wouldn't call him a great soul.

Geez! So much for that argument! LOL

God, you're funny Fudugazi!

I never discuss my saturn. But let's just say, your saturn is 'grumpy' and my saturn is a 'tyrant'. :(

My vedic chart pretty much depicts the antichrist! LOL... ( I really don't care much for it!)

See you,

Magz :)

ps: You should write funny comedies like Seinfeld for example. I think you'd do REALLY great! :)