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From my own personal experience, I started to feel it as soon as it entered the same sign as my natal. Or so I think!

Maggie :)

27-04-2009, 08:05
I think it varies but I'd allow a lot more than 8 degrees for the effects to be noticed.

My own experience is in line with Maggie's. I've had two Saturn returns. On the last, I'd say that in retrospect it began to have some effect about 20 degrees from my Natal Saturn (23 degrees of Leo).

It certainly coincided with significant changes in my life. In the run up to the first Direct return, I took early retirement from my teaching post and then accepted a part time appointment.

My first Direct Return was a month after I started the new post, and I noticed my health was not good. During the retrograde phase leading up to the Second return, I was taken into hospital with severely high blood pressure and, although I was discharged before the second return, a forthnight later, I was under heavy medication.

During the period between the Retrograde return and the second Direct return i took up walking and lost three stones in weight (42 pounds). When the third (second direct) and last return occured I was well on the road to recovery and have not looked back since.

That period marked a major change in lifestyle and well being. I think it also taught me that I had to retire fully, though it has taken another two years to effect that.

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Hey SwordsQueen,

I totally understand your concern. I mean, Saturn is no joke.

Yet, as Minderwiz points out, I must tell you that although a saturn's return could be difficult, it remains that Saturn doesn't 'rock the boat' just to rock the boat.

There is usually method to its madness and one almost always looks back at a saturn's return (or significant saturn transit) with nothing but gratitude.

Hold tight!

Maggie :)

27-04-2009, 19:31
The 27 months leading up to my 1st Saturn return were my hardest to date - I had a depression and found myself all at sea and completely unprepared. I had never heard of Saturn returns. Because my Saturn is at the very end of its sign, most of the effect was felt during its travel through the sign, but checking the ephemeris for that year just now, I realise that the first signs happened in the last degrees of the previous sign. Saturn then had a retrograde while it was in my natal Saturn's sign, just in case I hadn't got the message.

Though it was hard - I can see why they call Saturn the great teacher. For those two years led to some breakthroughs in many areas of my life, and in many ways, I thank that depression and all the other setbacks (outer and inner) for having forged me. I became stronger, more assured and less likely to seek the approval of others. I also started writing again after a long fallow period, started to learn tarot, and changed careers completely - which eventually led to a complete change of life (because I left the law and went off to work as a humanitarian in conflict zones - a calling I had resisted before my Saturn return, and which I followed for several years; I didn't do that immediately upon my Saturn return: but it's the lessons and changes I made then that allowed me to do it when the time was right).

Ironically - perhaps because I had been struggling for so long and was already stronger! - things started to get easier as my Saturn return approached.

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From my own personal experience, I started to feel it as soon as it entered the same sign as my natal.
Yes, I agree Maggiemay. It was around that time that I switched jobs, thinking the position would be an improvement. This switch was ill-suited and I would leave after three years. But before I left, resisting yet another change, I became so miserable that I hit an emotional rock bottom. At my lowest, I was directed toward my current career. I'm not saying everything has been smooth and wonderful ever since, but, I found something that made my life better. I continue to work on my skills and have been at it for 9 years. I am also grateful for the experience(first Saturn return), as it directed me toward something that normally I would not have seen as an option.

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A bit like Fudugazi mine went retrograde in Taurus (twice I think - mental note check start and end dates and my diary) and it took forever to get through! Fortunately my mother got her first copy of Solar Fire the month before Saturn turned Taurus-ward.. so I had some 'warning'...

I moved 3 times, had surgery (to save my life) busted two disks in my back hmm and of course left my job (which was a GOOD thing looking back)

I got MARRIED too :) -- and am still very happily married
Poor man, married one week honey moon the next week hospital for the next 4 weeks.. then bam no job.. interesting times

Im not sure I got stronger (on any level) I think I got leveled!

I breathe. I pulse. I regenerate. My heart beats. My mind creates. My soul ingests. .... well used, it is my lifetime. (modified from Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - which I LOVE)... that is exactly what I learnt from Saturn - keep it simple and its life....

thanks for reading :D