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21-02-2003, 04:46
I've read here on this forum about gold not being necessarily good for use with stones and crystals...I'm wondering where that information has come from...that has not been my experience at all...in fact it's just the opposite...gold has been the most energetic of all the metals to use with stones/crystals...so if you want to soften or lessen a stones energy don't use it...because it's more energetic/out-going/male/sun...oriented and silver is more intuitive/introspective/feminine/moon...energetically...and copper is a blending of both energetically speaking...all 3 are excellent conductors of energy...

but think of gold and it's use in just the stereo and video industrys...the connections for hooking up these systems are best when gold plated...and would be even better if solid gold could be affordably used......and in dentistry...much better for the body than mercury and silver amalgams...

all 3...copper, gold and silver are essential components of our own chemical make up so the resonances are there for energy transference... there may be some considerations on which energetic connections to make between stones and metals because of the potiential increase or decrease or balance or cancellation of energys involved between them or your intended porpose...and what body levels you wish to assist or access on both the microcosmic and macrocosmic scales...

but I'm just wondering where this information on gold has come from and what experiences others have had with gold...thanks

21-02-2003, 06:13
I've heard that opals aren't good for use too, but that turned out to be based on some facts...the opal is a delicate 'gem' that when worn can break if knocked against something hard or when exposed to extremes of heat & cold (they crack). That got them the reputation of being something that shouldn't be worn against the skin. That's taking a fact to extremes, which started a superstition about them (the owners didn't want to damage an expensive gem so they have ideas like this imposed on them to protect the gem).

Hmm. Wonder if gold has something along the same lines, some fact in the past that stops the use of it, even if there isn't a really strong reason behind it.

21-02-2003, 10:54
Good point HG...I've loved opals( not my birthstone...I ignore the superstitions) and have worn them in rings until breaking my third one...about 5 years ago...now I only wear them as pendants or earrings and the broken chips have gone into a wand or a plant or dropped into a crystal cluster so I can still enjoy their energy...but I hated breaking them...I am one to wear my rings through all I do...but that can't apply to gold, can it...my gold wedding band has been scratched and nicked after many years of wear and I think it just adds to it's beauty...we've worked hard as a team all these years...

but superstitions are not necessarily based on facts as you've noted.. I hope someone has some more info here...look how gold has been valued through the centuries by so many cultures...and often people who cannot wear silver or baser metals can wear gold...it doesn't tarnish like silver...or copper and there are medical treatments for many conditions which utilize gold...I wear all 3 metals mentioned earlier and have worn others for different purposes...I don't have a favorite...I like them all...

a friend who owns a shop selling metaphysical jewerly has said the "YOUNGER "generation wears and prefers pewter and silver...possibly it's because of cost...but he said he didn't think so...my son prefers these and my daughter prefers silver...but she does also wear gold...

21-02-2003, 14:55
I can't remember where I first heard that gold isn't the best setting, or the original reason why. It had something to do with the gold energy supposedly interfering with the stone energy. I have always seen silver settings for the kind of jewelry made with metaphysical applications in mind.

But if gold works best for you, then use gold. Guidelines are guidelines. Whatever works for you.


21-02-2003, 15:45
Kyrielle...was it one of your posts I saw that in...?I read it in a few...Too bad you can't remember the origin...it would be interesting to see the reasoning behind these views...it's always interesting to hear what others have personally experienced...

Do you think that cost might be a reason that many of the metaphysical stones you've seen have only been in silver...? I've seen all three...even combinations of these and also platinum...at many of the major Gem and Mineral Shows in NYC and at the big yearly show in Springfield, Ma. I haven't been to the Tuscon, Az. show yet but a friend shops and collects there...and she brings back mostly gold settings with metaphysical stones because she likes the energy boost it imparts to the stones...Sedona had lots of metaphysical stone jewerly in all these metals...But possibly that does put it outside the price range of many people...

And jewelry designers may target certain populations (example...the younger generation) in different areas of the country... Have you had any personal experience using gold with metaphysical stones...? You may have misunderstood...I said I use all three metals and like them all...making a choice depending on purpose and many other considerations as I mentioned in the earlier posts...they are all excellent conductors of energy from my personal point of view and experience...But peoples experiences differ...and I was interested in what others have to say...thanks for responding...

21-02-2003, 16:50
I'm wondering if maybe gold was too expensive & a 'way out' of feeling it was necessary to have it as a setting was to concentrate on less expensive silver instead?

I don't know, though, so don't quote me on this. I was just looking for what I'd consider obvious reasons NOT to have someone use gold, and this was the first thing that came to mind.

22-02-2003, 15:01
I have never had personal experience with a gold-set stone, good or bad. Even if I were to find a stone set in gold, I don't know that it would make a difference in the power I would feel from the stone. I'm not all that sensitive to stuff like that.

My reason for posting that in the first place was because I found the theory interesting, and I actually did wonder if someone who may be sensitive toward the settings would have an opinion.

We need the Hermit to give his opinion on this. Where IS he?!

I will try my best to find again the source for the gold vs. silver theory, and I will post if I find out any more information. It could very well be some know-it-all trying to pass off his preference as universal fact.

Don't let it bother you too much. Just use your own intuition or aesthetic sense when choosing the metals in which your jewelry or tools are set.

-- Kyrielle

31-03-2003, 02:06
This answer if purely based on my own feelings, nothing scientific or researched etc.
I work with metals (jeweller) every day. Before I worked with gold I always preferred silver, the colour and lustre of silver just appealed to me, it seemed like such a pure metal (even though is does tarnish it's easily cleaned). Since I began working with gold, and believe me it is such a wonderful metal to work with, I felt more drawn to it's warmth. I still like silver, but gold has become more my favourite.
I think that in making the decision it is really just a personal choice and to go with your gut on what feels right to you. Some stones call out for silver, others call out for gold. Unfortunately money can be the problem. I think the cost of gold is what made me reluctant to like it before, it symbolized all that is wrong in the world to me.

Personally, I do not like white gold, since it denies yellow gold it's true colour (the white colour being falsey created by alloys).

06-04-2003, 09:29
well, i don't know what you had seen before on the subject, but the only thing i've seen referencing gold not being useful w/certain stones/crystals had to do w/vedic astrology...but it wasn't that "hardline" about it...

to give you some idea of the information i've found, this is a "gemstone prescription" i received from www.yourplanets.com:

Saturn: Blue Sapphire, Tanzanite, Blue Spinel, Amethyst
(i'll skip the astral influence bit)
The gem for Saturn is best set in gold, alternately iron can be used. If a ring, it should be worn on the middle finger. Begin to wear it on a Saturday 2 hrs & 40 mins before sunset.
Venus: Diamond, Rock Crystal, White Zircon, Goshenite, White Topaz
The gem for Venus is best set in platinum, white gold, or silver. If a ring, it should be worn on the middle or small finger. Begin to wear it on a Friday at sunrise.

so, they didn't necessarily dictate that gold SHOULDN'T be used (though i think it came up for a different stone), they were specific as to which types of metal should be used and what KIND OF gold...also, somewhere i've read that gold should not be used with turquoise, but i don't remember where...
i don't know if this answers your question or helps at all...this is just what i've read about...many blessings to all...