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01-06-2009, 10:20
hey everyone!

I havent been feeling very well lately and have been struggling with some health issues, so i decided to give crystals a try.

I bought about 5 different ones all relating to positivity and good health, but now im not quite sure how to use them. I asked the sales clerk and she told me i had to let them sit in sea salt for 24hours and then carry them around with me. But i'm not quite sure thats the right thing to do.

So, my questions is, how do i charge them and use them?

thanks in advance! :D

01-06-2009, 12:29
Be REALLY careful with the sea salt or any other kind of salt cleansing; some stones can be easily damaged in this way.

To use them I would simply recommend keeping them on your person or handling them. Meditating with them on the purpose you intend to use them for is generally a good idea too, as is just spending time with them.

On occasion I sleep with them under my pillow, but I don't really recommend it without some research first, as some types of stones can make trying to sleep around them quite difficult.

What stones specifically did you get? Cleansing them before using them is a good idea too, which you can do with just cool, clear water, preferably running water. You can just visualize cleansing them as well which I do when in a pinch.

01-06-2009, 14:54
You'll hear this a lot, but go with whatever feels right for you: carry them around, keep them in your bag, your workspace, wherever. Meditate with them or sleep with them (although as Luinbariel says this isn't always easy and can give you some strange dreams). I like to carry one or two in my pocket to fiddle with during the day. I change depending on what I think I'm going to need that day. Like a new pet - play with them and get to know them!

Cleansing or charging are also pretty personal, I think. I like to put my tumble-stones out in the rain. Running water, moonlight, sunshine, smudging with incense or essential oils in a vaporiser... I think that the intention is really an important part of the process.

Hope you feel better soon!

01-06-2009, 22:36
There is a sticky thread here which may help: