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04-06-2009, 15:15
are crystals sold at metaphysical stores low quality? usually they are tumbled stones, are these unnaturally made? i heart you should only work with natural stones. i still feel energy from the tumbled stones i got though. if the answer is no, where can i buy very good quality crystals ? anybody know of websites? thank you in advance!


04-06-2009, 17:46

There are many types whether natural or tumbles, whether heat treated or shaped..........there are no fast rules to what is right or not......

They all have healing properties........

Metaphysical stores are very knowledgable inregards to the properties of each crystal and are able to advise you indepth...how to cleanse and program each crystal...............
When choosing crystals close your eyes and tune into the vibrations of the crystals.... the crystal will choose you.....

You could try online but you can;t feel the vibrations the same......

go into a store and enjoy the wonderful, loving vibrations....


04-06-2009, 18:01
When you buy stones at metaphysical stores make sure you purify them by using any of the known crystal purification methods before use. You never know what kind of energy has been transfered to them by others in the past.

Other than that, I would always prefer natural over man made stones, and in addition to that, also stones of higher transparency and without too many impurities, if possible to obtain such. They are the best for metaphysical purposes.


04-06-2009, 20:49
If you do decide to buy online, browse through this thread:



06-06-2009, 19:49

The physical quality of the crystals will vary, however physical quality is not the same as the quality of a particular piece's healing or magical properties. Some of my lower grade quartz have more vibes? oompf? strength? than my higher grades.

Most tumblestones are tumbled by man in a big drum with gravel and water, however nature does it's own tumbling in rivers and oceans. Although the stones' shape has been changed, generally it's energies will not have been.

Some people can work with treated stones, others cannot. Some can work with manmade stones, others cannot. You have to see which stones energy calls to you, as has been said: there are no set rules!


Cactus Dahlia
14-06-2009, 16:12
When you buy stones at metaphysical stores make sure you purify them by using any of the known crystal purification methods before use. You never know what kind of energy has been transfered to them by others in the past.

I'm new to crystals and have just purchased a few tumblestones to get me started. I would really like to know how to purify my crystals. Can someone please advise me as to where I can find out how to do this.

Thanks, Dahlia :)

14-06-2009, 18:56
what kind of crystals are they? i cleanse mine using sea salt putting them outside in the sun for a few hours, or moonlight (on the full moon) citrine and some other crystals don't need cleansing. i'm reading up on it. rose quart and amethyst cannot be put in the sun. also some stones can be used in sea salt.

Cactus Dahlia
14-06-2009, 19:30
Ah thank you gorgeous butterfly. I'm with you now. I will use your suggestions, I remember now that I did read that somewhere. When I brought them home I washed them in pure filtered rainwater.

I'm not really sure what they are. I got them from a big bin and chose the different colors for the chakras, plus some others that drew me. I think some of them are tourmaline - the pink, lemon yellow, green and sky blue sparkly ones. I think the purple sparkly one may be amethyst. I managed to get an orangey red opaque one that is more red than orange. It may be a carnelian. There is a green opaque one that might be agate.

I also got a highly polished dark blue one that has a plain blue curved line through it. It is just lovely, but I don't know what it is.

But my favorite would have to be the golden calcite piece. I have them in a lovely plain crystal bowl and I did what Rev_Vesta suggested and closed my eyes and took a pick to see which one would choose me. Yes, it was the golden calcite. :) I wasn't surprised because it chose me from the start as it hadn't been in my plan to get that color. lol

I don't know if any are man-made. I had never considered that until I read this thread.