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19-06-2009, 03:18
I am sure this is a dumb question (if it is i will stand in the corner with a pointy hat on!) but can you do predictions with western astrology? I know you can do this with the horary astrology and vedic astrology, but can you do it with western astrology?

I have heard about solar returns charts, but not sure how they work, i have read up on them, but still it hasnt sunk in.

can anyone shed any light on this?
I am currently studying astrology and am working on the houses, and their positions in chart, we are due to start aspects shortly....i am just impatient and want to know if i can look at predictions too along with tarot

19-06-2009, 06:09
Of course you can do predictions with western astrology. The question is "how good can you predict?" There are many ways to use secondary progressions, solar arc directions, transits, solar returns, lunar returns, planet returns and who knows how many other ways for predictive purposes.

Where most astrologers fall short of the adequate or excellent mark is due to how the inter-mix and use the various charts that they do use. Natal charts are read one way. Other charts are read other ways depending upon their nature and structure. Many astrologers that I see, including those who write books, read all charts pretty much in the same manner. Pitiful.

As in your post concerning horoscope tarot readings, in that same blog you will find a number of charts relating to O.J. Simpson, the US Football star of years back, accused murderer of his former wife and her boyfriend, and now a prisoner due to a break-in, robbery and kidnapping. These use a natal chart, a precession corrected Tropical solar return (actually several) and a unique form of daily charts. All of these, plus the earlier commentary, offer an insight into my method of prediction which I have been use for 35+ years. You may want to check out my blog. Dave

19-06-2009, 08:29
There are many methods of predctive Astrology in the Western tradition and Dave mentions quite a lot there.

I agree with him that many Astrologers do tend to read different charts in the same manner. I also find that there is often a failure to provide a 'joined up' approach. By that I mean that there is often little in the way of a systematic approach to forecasting using a range of methods and knowing how they fit together and which method from the range is appropriate and why.

Part of the reason for that I think is that books on prediction tend to be concerned with one technique, such as secondary progressions or solar arcs, without explaining how they fit with other techniques, if at all. This often means that the student is faced with a welter of books from different authors and little in the way of a consistent approach. So the student who wishes to know when to use secondary progressions and when to use transits and whether the one is fully conpatible with the other, has to buy and read a considerable number of books.

The Seventeenth Century French Astrology, Jean Baptiste Morin did develop a comprehensive system but it included the use of primary directions, which have largely fallen out of use, as well as Return charts, both Solar and Lunar and Transits. Each layer of chart was used to narrow down the timing of an event.

Now I'm not saying that Morin's methods were correct or the only reliable ones, though many have been incorporated into modern practice but he did lay out a reasonably clear approach to the process of making a prediction.

29-06-2009, 22:38
thank you both of you, i did read through the posts and take on board what was said, i forgot to post to say thank you