View Full Version : Name for my new crystal? What do you name your favorites?

30-06-2009, 05:13
This weekend I found the most gorgeous quartz crystal point! She was in a shop window and I went in to see if she was for sale. She was so I took her home, I was so drawn to her!!!

I cleansed her yesterday but still need to charge her. She is simply divine...she is massive, about the size of my entire hand, six sided, so clear at a point I can see right through her if I look just right. She is on my tarot table right now, just glowing. I seriously can't stop looking at her and holding her in my hand.

Any suggestions for names for her? What names do you have for your favorite crystals?

morticia monroe
30-06-2009, 05:44

Beautiful crystal! She looks to me like an Athena.

"More than any other of the Greek goddesses , Athena remains a symbol of civilization, useful knowledge, noble reasoning, logic and wisdom. The goddess Athena reminds us that we can successfully use our intellect and creativity in the pursuit of any goal we choose."

30-06-2009, 05:57
I love Morticia's suggestion.

When I looked at her I got Endora, and Enchantress. Odd for me because those are not names that rattle around in my head, until now. LOL

30-06-2009, 07:15
Very beautiful! I am so glad I am not the only one who names my crystals! I only name my spheres and one crystal, similar to that, whom I use for scrying. Funny how some are male and others are female. I have a Miranda, Ophelia and a Nostrodamus!

Yours looks female and very much an ice-maiden. Freya came into right into my mind!

30-06-2009, 07:46
Violet sprang to mind. I was looking over your crystals in the chat thread. All of which are lovely you have a good eye for selecting intersting crystals.
I haven't thought about naming crystals.

30-06-2009, 07:53
It just seems to me that she needs a name! Which is funny because generally I don't name objects, and I actually have a fish that doesn't have a name...
Thank you pouter! although on the other thread Morticia Monroe sent those to me, it was her eye not mine! ;)

Such lovely names, I don't know how I will choose just yet! But I am really liking Athena, I think it is suitable for a crystal like her, and one that I can program for good! Freya is cute though, I think I may name my smaller quartz point that.

Briar Rose
30-06-2009, 15:04
:bugeyed: HUGE !!!!!!! Beautiful.

30-06-2009, 21:11
minrice - beautiful!

bet she gets an awesome name!

30-06-2009, 22:58
It's gorgeous minrice! She is huge and beautiful, I can see why you were drawn to her.
What a great idea. I don't have any names for my crystals except the 1 I just named lol but I have names for all of my cars :D

These all mean beautiful
Farida~ means precious stone in arabic
Aonani~ means beautiful light in Hawiian. I love this one!

01-07-2009, 00:02
Gorgeous stone! It's so beautiful. :D

03-07-2009, 04:07
I'm not in the habit of naming my stones, but the name "Lode" (as in lodestone) just seemed to sort of pop out for a smokey sphere that I bought recently. I like the name because there is also the double meaning ("load").

I have a clear sphere that I received as a gift from a friend- the friend's nick name is Saruman, so the sphere sometimes gets called "The Palantir" but it really doesn't have a proper name. This is far and away my favorite sphere, and it never fails to give me visions.

Another clear sphere, my largest sphere is like ice.... Maybe "Issa"? Not quite sure if that name will stick.

04-07-2009, 03:44
Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I referred to her as Athena the other day, so I think that name as stuck! I'm going to name my smaller quartz point Freya, and keep Farida in mind for whatever stone I get next. I'd like to add a sphere to my collection soon so I'll keep an eye out for a Farida ;)