View Full Version : Can't see 'About Us'

05-07-2009, 18:48
There's no 'About Us' section when I view the forum. If I use my dsi instead of my pc I can see the About Us section, but with my pc it is disappeared and gone.

I had to get here by searching on google and finding a relevant thread to click through to.

I can see everything else.

I've tried the usual switch off/ switch on, log out/ log in, etc etc etc.

I don't think it can be anything in my profile because if it was it wouldn't work with my dsi.

I sent a note to Solandia via 'contact us' on Sulis's suggestion, but I wanted to know if anyone else is having or had the same problem..... better bookmark this as a favourite because after I move away from the page About Us runs off again. I tried just now.

Aerin x

05-07-2009, 19:07
Its fine for me. Probably a silly question, but have you filtered it?

05-07-2009, 23:47
Not a silly question.... I can't actually remember how anyway, but if I had then it wouldn't show up on my dsi (I thought).

It suddenly disappeared on me yesterday sometime.

I could try filtering and defiltering again in case.

But as I said, why show up on the dsi?!

ETA: No, I checked and the only forum filtered is the socio-political one. :(

05-07-2009, 23:52
OK, this is REALLY weird.

In filtered mode, 'About Us' was showing fine and all boxes unchecked. Then I collapsed and uncollapsed it. Then came out of filtered mode and the thing is back.

Must be a software glitch of some kind.