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isthmus nekoi
06-03-2003, 13:48
Can anyone recommend a book for progressed moons? (Or any other kind of resource...) This is of particular interest to me as my progressed moon is minutes away from conjuncting my Saturn-Jupiter conjunction which is a major focal point in my chart (lots of aspects from those 2). Your help is always appreciated :)

06-03-2003, 20:39
I just got a book called 'the Moon & Everyday Living' by Daniel Pharr. I have not gotten into it to deeply yet but it covers each moon(natal) in each of the signs, what to do and what to expect. It seems pretty basic for those that want to work with the Moon but don't want to get to much into the rest of astrology. What's your moon and where is the conjunction, I'll give you a run down from what I can find in the book...

06-03-2003, 21:02
This isn't much but it might help a bit. It's from Loftus A spiritual approach to astrology

The Progressed Moon (Primary and Secondary)

The progressed Moon acts like a transitting Saturn. It shows where the individual must learn to adapt. Changes and crises are experienced in the house affairs of the Progressed Moon, so that you are forced to adapt. It is a test of one's emotional adaptability. Usually the individual will be more involved in the house affairs during the Progressed Moon's stay in that house. When the Progressed Moon crosses a cusp something significant generally happens to the individual.


06-03-2003, 21:15
Hi Isthmus,

From Christine Shaw Predictive astrology

The Moon's natal chart shows how we instinctively act to overly emotional and stressful situations. Water sign Moons retreat or cry or maybe cook........ (????!!!!)

The Progressed Moon's functions are to act as a timer to the progressd chart events. There is a whole chapter in this book but I'm not sure what it is you want.


06-03-2003, 21:41
Christine Shaw is good, you can also try Predictive Astrology by Carol Rushman but probably the best overall (and the most expensive) is Predictive Astrology, The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady.

Brady argues that the progressed Moon iteslf has no meaning - its role is that of a highlighter - so progressd moon in close aspect to Saturn/Jupiter will highlight their role in your life - through their house placement, sign placement and aspects. Expect to find these two playing a more emphasised role in your life for the next few months.

07-03-2003, 00:53
My sense is that you are looking for resources concerned with specific progressed lunar sign/aspect combinations. I am not aware of any books or websites devoted to that subject (strange, considering all the astrology books that have been published in recent years).

In my view, "The Lunation Cycle" by the late Dane Rudhyar remains the best resource for understanding the Moon's role in the birthchart. The book includes information on the progressed lunar cycle, but not at the level of detail you might be looking for. "The Lunation Cycle" was out of print for many years, but has been reissued -- I believe that the new publisher is Aurora, but am not certain (mine is the older version). Check on Amazon to be sure. Rudhyar's writing is dense and often difficult going, but definitely repays study!

You might also check the website www.astroamerica.com. This is the best on-line resource for astrology books that I have found, and the owner is an astrologer with many years' experience and a great deal of expertise (Note: he also carries a good assortment of tarot decks and books and ships promptly, at reasonable rates). His name is David Roell. You might e-mail him at dave@astroamerica.com and ask him if he can recommend any books containing the material you're looking for.

Good luck in your search! :)

isthmus nekoi
07-03-2003, 06:00
you guys are the greatest! Thanks for the speedy replies!

lunalafey, that is very kind of you to offer, I appreciate it very much! I was specifically thinking of the progressed moon (not natal moon position) though and it sounds like your book is about the natal chart moon?

Moongold, thanks for posting the info. I think I've seen the Shaw book, will see if I can locate it again. The moon's in my 8th house right now! As if I don't spend enough time there :P

Minderwiz, I will definetely try to get my hands on those resources. The exciting thing about being aware of transits/progressions is that for the slower moving ones, they're happening for the first time (or will never happen again) and it's such a learning experience.

Astrea, that's quite right, I was hoping for info on specific aspects. Thanks for the pointers! Astroamerica looks like a great resource for the study group too.

Thanks again, everyone, this is very helpful :)

07-03-2003, 06:36
Isthmus, this is what Shaw says about the Progressed Moon in the 8th House in case you can't get the book:

A "heavy" emotional time, often with power trips and struggles with others over emotional sexual isues and finances. Scorpio type matters come to the fore, which bring confrontations of many sorts, resulting in you having to refine and sometimes transform your basic emotional characteristics. The intensity can "get you down" as you search for deeper meaning and values on which to base your future life, It is often a very profound period.

So look after yourself, Isthmus. Sounds like a challenging time.


isthmus nekoi
08-03-2003, 03:06
Moongold: that excerpt is great, thanks for taking the time to type them all of them out for me! The last one sounds pretty accurate (except the finances part), but then again, that also sounds like business as usual for me, w/ or w/o a progressed moon :) This sort of thing is exactly what gets my juices flowing; I must've been a Scorp sun in a past life! Nothing like some destructive Tower action to make you feel alive!! (Yeah, I'm kinda crazy that way....)

08-03-2003, 04:09
Hi Isthmus,

Perhaps you could explain what a Progressed Moon actually is?

I've read that the movement of planets over the course of a day will represent the movement of the progressed planets over the course of a year. The 30th day after birth will represent the 30th year of life, for example.

And the energy of particular transit occurring during this first 30 days will be stored in the infant's unconscious and can be lated assimilated into consciousness by the adult who may then generate an outer event due to these realizations. Is that correct?

So far so good but what does this actually mean? Does it mean that by looking at the particular transits for day 60 after my birth I can see what may possibly happen in my 60th year?

If, say you are 30 now (just guessing) is what you are doing exploring the unconscious memory of the lunar transits whihc occurred on the 30th day after your birth?

If you could explain, that would be much appreciated.


08-03-2003, 21:58
Hope you don't mind me 'pitching in' here because I'd also appreciate Isthmus' take on this area.

I've read quite a lot about progressions but there is very little in the explanation of why it works that is agreed on. Answers range from 'it just does' to something along the lines that Moongold outlines.

Personally the only explanation that I am comfortable with up to now is that of cycles. Astrology makes a lot of use of cycles - the annual cycle of the Sun (Solar Return), The Lunar Cycle, the Saturn Return and the Jupiter Return are obvious examples.

Astrology also makes use of the Occult Law of Correspondences - As Above So Below. The argument for progressions appears to be that if you look at a cycle which is very short term, you can 'read' the events of the longer term cycles. Thus the cycle of planets during a day corresponds to the cycle of events experienced over a year. If we take the cycle of your life, then the planetary cycle in the first day after birth corresponds to the events of your first year and so on - so the planetary cycle in the seventieth day after your birth corresponds to the events of your seventieth birthday. However, Astrologers as eminent as Rob Hand have said that there is no plausible explanation for secondary progressions (or any other progressions).

Now I said a feel reasonably comfortable with this but I must admit that I don't feel one hundred per cent comfortable - so other ideas are more than welcome.

Incidentally the day for a year progressions (secondary) are not the only ones - Primary progressions take the first six HOURS after birth (360 minutes) or four MINUTES (Time) of planetary motion for each year of life. Tertiary progressions take one day for one lunar month of life and minor progressions take one lunar month for one year of life. There are also a number of other progressions that are rarely used.

To add to the reading list two other good books are 'Secondary Progressions - Time to Remember' by Nancy Anne Hastings and 'Astrology A Language of Life Volume 1 - Progressions' by Robert P Blaschke.

09-03-2003, 02:44
Hi Everyone!!

The Progressed Moon (PM) is my very favorite facet of astrology! I find it fascinating and generally very on target with what's going on in a person's life.

Unfortunately, I don't know of a truly good book about the topic...however, there's an elderly astrologer by the name of Sophie Mason who has written a comprehensive book on Progressions and in it she includes the PM. Sophie has been an astrologer for at least a hundred years (well, just a tad hyperbole!) and knows her stuff.

It's been my experience in looking at hundreds of charts over the years, that the PM usually (about 95% of the time) correspondes to events in a person's life, based on aspects it makes to natal AND transiting planets. The events aren't necessarily "earth-shattering", but nonetheless, a conjunction for example, of the PM to a natal planet(s), will bring SOMETHING related to the planet(s) onto the scene.

Isthmus, take note of the Sun sign of people you meet and perhaps become friends with during this journey of your PM.

I can give you numerous examples from my own life, but don't want to bore anyone....okay, just one example, when PM in Gemini (writing) was transiting my tenth and trine my natal Saturn (ruling the sixth house of work), I wrote an astrology course and taught it at two colleges (non-credit classes). The course was very well-received. It was A LOT of work (Saturn), but did bring rewards!


10-03-2003, 09:25
The last phrase being a quiet little vent at my occasional frustration in understanding the language and concepts of astrology sometimes. The explanations one reads in books assume a level of knowledge that I don't have.

Now, what is the difference? I think a Progressed Moon can report or reflect a life time's events, whereas a lunar return might only show you one year.

Am I correct? Please help.


10-03-2003, 10:09
Hi, Moongold! It can really be frustrating to encounter some of the astrological lore and language. A good astrological dictionary/encyclopedia is a blessing! The "Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology" is the best I've seen -- it might be out of print, but I have seen copies at the second hand book store so I'll bet that Amazon sells it used, even if it's no longer printed. Nicholas Devore's "Encyclopedia of Astrology" is also excellent, and is back in print after many years' absence.

The progressed Moon moves an average of 13 degrees per year (approximately one degree per month), so it's an excellent timer that "sets off" natal and progressed aspects as it contacts them throughout any given year.

The word "progressed" usually refers to the idea of secondary progression, which is a calculation based on the highly abstract notion that each day symbolically represents an entire year of life. So the progressed Moon's movement throughout a twelve-month period represents lunar activity for that whole year.

As Minderwiz points out, there are many other methods used for symbolically advancing the horoscope through time. All of those techniques are mathematically derived, but based on the idea that each time increment encapsulates and summarizes influences for longer-lasting periods. Some astrologers do not use any of these methods, preferring to work with transits, alone (since transits represent actual, rather than symbolic, planetary movements); Donna Cunningham -- a well respected astrologer of many years' standing -- is among them.

Lunar returns are charts cast for the exact time of the Moon's return to its natal position each month. There are thirteen lunar returns in each year, owing to the slight discrepancy between the Moon's speed of motion and the average number of days in a month. A lunar return provides detailed information about a particular month in any given year, whereas the progressed Moon offers a broader view of the Moon's activity throughout the year.

There really is a lot to absorb in astrology, and one never stops learning -- enjoy the journey! :)

isthmus nekoi
10-03-2003, 12:44
Moongold, if it's any consolation, the technicalities of this progressions business is confusing me too! That's what I get for not learning all the calculations behind the natal chart. (I also appreciate the tips too, Astraea!)

Actually Minderwiz, I'm glad you jumped in w/your explanation as I know very little about progressions (but AG was always raving about them so it really stuck out in my head!!). That's also why I asked for resources :P

Thanks for the additional input, AG, nice to see you again! And you are *never* boring! I'll take note of any new sun signs in my life...

Anyways, I might be quiet for awhile - just lurking b/c of schoolwork and such.... but the active threads are fascinating, you'll be hearing from me again ^_^.

23-03-2003, 09:16
Hi Isthmus,

I hope you are still around. How did you go with your Progressed Moon?

I had my chart read by a professional astrologer on Thursday and it was very ibteresting experience, I strongly recommend it to people because it does make things clear. The astrologer told the story of my life without knowing anything about me. It has increased my interest in astrology and made the learning needs much more focused at this point

But moving on to the point of this post: Progressed Moons. My Progressed Moon is forming a yod with Pluto and Neptune at the moment. I've listened to Daniel's explanation of this and read Christine Shaw and feel very positive about it. I was quite stunned when first hearing Daniel because the emotional shifts he identified with this Yod I have been aware of. He also suggested that I particularly mindful of the houses affected by the yod which are 3rd, 8th and 10th. Family, life and death themes and career.

From what I understand the meaning of the yod depends, naturally, on the planets involved, their placement and other factors.

The whole notion of progressions has become very interesting to me because it's such a creative tool by which you can understand your life. With my progressed chart at the moment, there are other things happening and it all seems quite busy. Actually I've just realised what I've said :joke: . Planet Moongold (gulp) is a very small potato when compared with the Universe.

Would very much like to hear what happened with you in terms of the Progressed Moon stuff.


isthmus nekoi
25-03-2003, 03:52
Hi Moongold, that's very sweet of you to remember me. I have to admit, I didn't notice anything special about this conjunction. However, if like AG says, nothing "earth shattering" happens, there was a nice financial transfer recently (8th/Jupiter). It was anticipated and unremarkable (as in, no surprizes - wasn't b/c of someone's death if that's what you're thinking). Although I should mention that this happened to my sister too, and she obviously doesn't have the same placements as me, although it was to a lesser degree.

In any case, I still think the prog moon is worth looking into. Does it turn retrograde? I wouldn't mind having this conj again 2 times over!! ^_^

isthmus nekoi
05-04-2003, 03:12
I suddenly realized that 2 good friends I made in the recent past, while having different sun signs are both very Librian w/stelliums in the sign. AG, if you're still around, is this what you meant - when the prog moon traverses a sign, that energy is just more activated around you?

isthmus nekoi
11-04-2003, 07:25
Moongold, if you're still there, I was thinking about the relationships in question and they have been quite 8th house-y.
Death, check. Transformation, check. Power struggles, check. Sexuality, check. Intensity and depth, check. The only thing that really didn't get hilighted was finances which has pretty much been going along the way it's always been.

Actually, it's funny. Waaaaaaay back in 99, (before PM entered 8th house, before tarot/astrology) I was aware of the fact that I was approaching a major psychological death/transformation of sorts and it culminated around Feb of 2003. *sigh* Time to stop smashing up everything and to rebuild my kingdom........

15-04-2003, 07:04
Hi Isthmus,

I am still here and learning quietly. I'll going to read over this thread again to uodate myself. I have missed you all.

The trouble is I get overwhelmed with information and try to do the interior decoration before I've finished the framework of the house.

I am still absorbing the learning from the professional reading I had. Trying to understand my chart, lots of Saturn/Pluto 8th House stuff in there for me. Have just started Liz Greene's "Saturn: a new look at an old devil".

As stated earlier, my Progressed Moon was forming a Yod with Pluto and Neptune but I don't fully understand this yet. I think it might be past this now. Do these things change? I imagine they would have to.

Can we have some more discussions about this later, especially your experiences?


isthmus nekoi
15-04-2003, 13:29
I've missed you too ^_^ I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean by "do these things change"..... do you mean can the yod still have an effect if it is out of orb?....

17-04-2003, 04:59
Hi Isthmus,

I thought I had responded to this post but must have dreamed it or something like that.

In relation to the Yod, I thought that, as the various planets moved around the sun at different speeds, aspect patterns such as yods would gradually disappear. If I had a Yod in my progressed Moon chart a few weeks ago I guess it would still be there, however.

I've just realised what you mean by "out of orb" now, and yes, that is my question.


isthmus nekoi
18-04-2003, 02:21
Well, out of orb means out of influence, so technically, if the yod has passed, so has its influence. However, how wide the orb can be to have influence is debatable. I've read up to 3 degrees, I remember AG saying she's used more. Regardless of orb, the tighter the aspect is, the more powerful.

18-04-2003, 11:40
Yes I understand three degrees as well. Thanks. People seem to use different orbs for a lot of things.


isthmus nekoi
29-04-2003, 00:54
well, got to peruse Carol Rushman (is that the name???)'s book The Art of Predictive Astrology when at the bookstore.... and all that stuff about prog moon is Libra was very accurate! As of late (like a year or so), I've upgraded both my cosmetics and wardrobe. I used to wear clothes that were more... aggressive and messy: military pieces (hey, I've got Mars conj ASC), big baggy cargo pants, comfort was paramount. Now everything is more classy and feminine: Heels, tailored shirts, lace, pink (!!). No falsies though (like the author).
I haven't noticed relationships being easier, but Jupiter's been transiting 7th for awhile.

29-04-2003, 02:34
Originally posted by Astraea
The progressed Moon moves an average of 13 degrees per year (approximately one degree per month), so it's an excellent timer that "sets off" natal and progressed aspects as it contacts them throughout any given year.

I don't think ever thanked you for this wonderfully clear explanation!


30-04-2003, 07:39

Carol Rushman's book is well worth adding to your collection - I find it an extremely useful source book - even on the rather rare times that I don't agree with her I find stimulation to look at things from a different direction.

Time to shell out those hard earned pennies!

isthmus nekoi
01-05-2003, 01:47
Yes, her book looks like a worthwhile investment!

BTW, if anyone reading is curious about this book, there is a sample chapter up for perusal here: http://www.llewellyn.com/bookstore/book.php?pn=J164

01-05-2003, 05:48
I've looked at one or two books on the Moon, its phases, cycles and progression but the Rushman chapters are ones that I keep coming back to.

Sophia Mason produced one or two books relating to Lunations, Quarter Moons, and Progressions but I've not been able to actually get hold of these. So if you come across any of them whilst you are sureptitiously hiding behind the Astrology shelves let me know!