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08-07-2009, 18:03
Hi All,

I;'ve been extracting info out of Rennaissance historians in the history and iconography section for a while now,
but I'd like to spread the net a little wider.

Post=-renaissance, we have lots of material from various schools, such as Tarot, Alchemy, Rosicrucians, Golden Dawn, and astrology itself, all well documented, about what various schools think, and one of the strongest threads running through them all is Astrology.

What interests me is influences on the Tarot, which could be nearly any pre-renaissance religious or philosophical concept or theory. For example, we have been discussing Plato and Tarot, and Kabalah and Tarot elsewhere.

Alchemy itself is interesting, because we have access to pre-Tarot and Post-Tarot versions, and so should be able to look at how the Tarot influenced Alchemy, ance vice versa.

The question of course is how to cast the net wider, without losing track of it all-together. Thats where Astrology should come into play, as a common thread through them all. We have various strologies to consider.
This is not my field of expertise, but some of the names I recognise are
Chaldean, Egyptian, Greek, Roman,modern, etc. Plus indian, chinese, etc.
One big divide of course is the earth-centric vs. sun-centric models, a change that occured during the Renaissance.

That should do for a thread introduction. I'll pursue some individual interests in separate postings.
So, if you have any pet theories on who influence who, let's hear them!

15-07-2009, 20:18
Paradoxically, casting the net wider not only won't cause you to lose track of everything, but instead will help you see how it all fits together.

All of the top Tarot books give astrological correspondences of the cards, and there are also correspondences between astrology and alchemy. For example, the four elements are common to both, and the qualities of alchemy (mercury, sulfur, salt) correspond to mutable, cardinal and fixed signs respectively.