View Full Version : Astrology of Mother Shipton, Request for Help

Templar Girl
10-07-2009, 01:44
Hi Chaps
I have been undertaking an Astrology of Albion project and have become very interested in Mother Shipton aka Ursula Southeil/Soothell. Have extracted all the history I can (very little) from the internet and Bulmers, etc. I want to undertake a research astrology chart on her, no accurate data re birth though, so a chart will be cast for a date I have in mind from the summer of 1488 and then rectified. Does anyone have any interesting info/stories that cannot be found on the internet regarding Mother Shipton/Ursula Southeil. Has anyone on the boards ever attempted a chart for Mother Shipton? Do any Aeclectic members know anything about her baptism date/venue/records? There appears to be a baptism connection with Beverley Minster in Yorkshire. Am planning a visit to Knaresborough this summer, other than the stated cave and its petrified environs, does anyone know of any other sites in Yorks associated with Mother Shipton or her mother, who was said to have become a nun.
Any help gratefully received.
Thanx much