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11-07-2009, 12:45
not sure if this goes here but..

i am a custom cabinet maker, welder and machinist and my talents have led to me building my own custom wand.. i am using black palm and macassar ebony.. they will be twisted together in spiral form using 4 tapered lengths.. 2 will be black palm and 2 will be macassar ebony... i am not sure what gems or crystals to use at the top and bottom... i have been reading some things on crystals and their powers but am having trouble in choosing... would any of you have suggestions about what to do to select crystals and find my own energy... do the crystals need to be "programmed" to my energy before completing the wand????

I am SCORPIO.. born Nov. 4th, 1964 12:00am... if this might help in any ideas

ALSO; i have heard that the wand needs to be "programmed" to my energy so that it responds well... any ideas


Gwydion Arawn Enki


11-07-2009, 13:40
I'm jealous of your word working talents Earthling, I would love to be able to do that myself. Black palm and ebony sounds like a very powerful combination also.

I wonder what do you want to use the wand for, or what purpose will it fulfill? That might help with the choice of stones.

I chose garnet for my own, because I have an affinity for the stone, and it represents the type of strength I wanted from a wand. It's also complementary to Mars (I'm an Aries), and in my wand is balanced by the inclusion of copper (for Venus).

As a fellow Mars ruled sign, maybe you would like something Martial also. If your wanting that sort of energy from your wand.

13-07-2009, 00:08
I've been told that quartz, clear quartz, is a safe bet for at least the tip of the wand. It is supposed to magnify energy, which is pretty useful in such a tool. Also, they are easily programmable, and I would suggest meditating with it and gently putting your energies into it. If you are worried about negative energies being magnified, if for some reason you feel you may accidentally or impulsively put something potentially harmful through, you could try quartz with tourmaline in it.. I've seen it called Tourmalined Quartz, Tourmalated Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz... the black Tourmaline is supposed to transform negative energy into positive, and then the quartz will magnify that newly positive energy. It's very cool looking, and protective. However, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the stones you used... you could just go to a store with a lot of crystals, stand there in front of them, and pick the ones that speak to you, feel comfortable in your hands, or jump out at you in a positive way. Then you can look up what they are used for... you might discover some things you didn't know you needed. Still, it's more about your own reactions and interpretations.

Hope that helps!

13-07-2009, 05:51
i am using this wand and materials i picked for the aspects of my astrological sign and personality traits... it will be an extreme learning tool... these woods are NOT for healing purpose... I have spent close to a month researching this wand i want to build for ME alone..

1. BLACK PALM- extreme alignment to water energy.. brings about positive changes.. excellent for gaining power & knowledge from nature

2. EBONY (macassar)- the most POWERFUL magic wood.. gives the magician pure, unadulterated power.. useful for magical practice with ANY element.. especially useful for seeking spiritual knowledge..

i am still working on what crystals and gems i want to incorporate into the design.. i am just about finished with my research and will be building it in the next month.. i would be happy to share pics of it with all of you when i am finished...

this also has a lot to do with my spiritual name ( Gwydion Arawn Enki ) which has to do with my psyche, astrological sign and personality...

Gwydion - God of magik
Arawn - God of the hunt and the OTHER world
Enki - Lord of water and wisdom

13-07-2009, 07:40
i am building a custom wand and i want it to be centered around aspects of my personality, spirituality and astrological signs...

i am NOV. 4th, Scorpio with Pluto as ruling planet...
i know that iron is my metal and i know a few other things

my problem is when i research these things online in find BIG TIME contradictions in what i read as it pertains to 1 strict guideline of my sign...

WHAT should be doing to find out what i want????

some have suggested to go with what i like and NOT worry about the astrological part as much BUT; i dont know....


13-07-2009, 07:48
If you were comfortable doing so, I would love to see some in-progress images and the finished item.

I'd be glad to post them for you since you are not a subscriber...yet ;)

13-07-2009, 08:07
I'd like to see the in-progress images too. This sounds really cool, Earthling! :thumbsup:


13-07-2009, 09:06
OKIE DOKIE... when i start and get to certain points i will


15-07-2009, 10:52
How do you twist the wood together, steam it, do it green, carve it? Sounds v.interesting

15-07-2009, 13:04
because black palm and ebony are so hard i may laminate 8, 1/4" square or 4, 1/2" square pieces together and then hand sand them to taper and spiral cut it in a router jig i made myself.... i have a few phone calls in to some peeps about how long they think it might take to steam and then twist the spirals in... if i do this i have a hydraulic/ electric pipe threader that i can machine a jig for and then twist the spirals in with about 5 tons of twist force...

i would rather steam but not sure yet.. i could take up to 2 weeks of continuous steam to get it to the right ply-ability...

i want the top at about 1 3/4" and the point at about 3/4" to set the stone i have picked in

i am having a jeweler look at some castings i am making for the top to set the stones in to see what it would cost to do the casting in either nickel silver or sterling silver....

my wand total length will be about 30"... it will be my main tool for my spells and incantations.... i am hoping that i am able to become AWARE in my dreams when i sleep and bring it into my dream state realms.. i have been told if you can do this it will be charged for you in both worlds but will be MORE powerful in our natural world... unsure on that yet

will put pics on during construction phases though

15-07-2009, 13:34
Sounds exquisite! I can't wait to see pictures, either.

16-07-2009, 13:24
love your avatar.... COOOOOL