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11-07-2009, 22:55
Formatting on this BB. Any time I want to format my text, or color, or whatever I do it manually. Now I belong to several other forums, and there's normally a formatting toolbar about the posting area, so one doesn't have to try to remember that the forum uses [xxx] instead of <xxx> to format.

However, when I post, I don't have that toolbar. So - does this exist and I just can't find it, or is everyone just manually putting their formats in their posts?

11-07-2009, 23:38
Sorry to say that it's all manual here. I think, to a great degree, it does minimise the amount of unnecessary formatting that people use, and allows us to just get to the point. Also, I suspect that because it's such a ridiculously busy forum, cutting down on formatting might help to reduce the workload on the server.

It doesn't take that much getting used to, and it does mean that when people use formatting it stands out all the more.

\m/ Kat

11-07-2009, 23:50
OK, good to know. And yeah, it does make it cleaner.