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crystal dawn
20-07-2009, 19:34
Hi there
My question is reguarding egyptian astrology -
In the egyptian zodiac we have a sign for shu but there is no sign for his twin sister and also consort tefnut. I just wondered why is this. As in egyptian mythology shu represented air and tefnut moisture. Any insights on this would be much appreciated.


crystal dawn

20-07-2009, 20:10
I don't know about Egyptian Astrology, but here's something from a Help file;

"The God of dry atmosphere and Goddess of moist atmosphere popularly referred to as the Lion Twins are recorded as having a cosmic role in the legends of the Ennead of Heliopolis. In those texts Tefnut is said to be the First Mother, and together they are the parents of Nut (Sky) & Geb (Earth) and grandparents of either Nephthys or Isis.

Tefnut was initially a Moon goddess due to her moistness, epitomising dew, rain and showers etc., a necessity in the hot dry lands of Egypt. But eventually she also came to represent the celestial lights of the Sun and Moon.

Shu (who may not have been Tefnuts' original partner) was sometimes identified with Arensnuphis ( benign Nubian Lion god ). He held his daughter Nut aloft from his son Geb enabling air-breathing Life to exist and flourish in the space created between them."

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Pics show;
Tefut with a Snake.
Shu with a feather.

21-07-2009, 11:52
Hi there
Hi CD.

My question is reguarding egyptian astrology -
In the egyptian zodiac ...
Firstly, which Egyptian Zodiac are you refering to? The circular (most common) Dendra zodiac (there is more than one version of this particular zodiac) or an earlier linear zodiac (also multiple versions of these) or some type of 'neo-Egyptian' zodiac (eg. a la Rosemary Clark) ? I'd need to know, to examine it, as even 'simple' concepts in ancient Egypt are dependant on time and locality. As Bernice points out many of their concepts, ideas, gods & goddesses evolved, changed and developed over time.

crystal dawn
21-07-2009, 19:23
I am going by the book - egyptian birth signs by Storm Constantine which (i think) is based on the dendra zodiac .


crystal dawn

23-07-2009, 11:23
Then you would have to ask Storm constantine - For all I know she may have made it up as she went along. She may have used the Dendra zodiac
Refer here ; http://www.mazzaroth.com/ChapterOne/TranslateDenderah.htm

Or she might have used a compilation and translated the Egyptian zodiacs into a modernised system, in that case she possibly re-arranged, moved and left things out, Storm Consantine is a fantasy writer right ? Hmmmmmmm.

You would have to ask her your question, dont assume that what is in her book is what the Egyptians taught, thought believed or followed.

I think you will find a much better system in Rosemary Clark ... she has cred in this field, but her system is a modernisation as well. (Although her books may not look as flashy, their titles not as pop-interesting and her her name as catchy ;)

crystal dawn
24-07-2009, 02:28
aaaawwwh and heres me thinking that storm constantine sounded like a good egyptian name.

No but seriously thankyou very much for the impressive link. In which one of the things I noticed was that the sign for gemini showed a picture of tefnut holding hands with another god (though the second god seems unidentifiable). In his book which goes with the ancient egyptian tarot, clive barratt states that in egyptian astrology the sign for gemini is represented by the divine twins shu and tefnut. If this is true then the god who is holding hands with tefnut on the dendra zodiac should be shu. So shu and tefnut represent one zodiac sign between them as the divine twins.

just to theorise then in conclusion to the original question reguarding tefnut
In the book on egyptian astrology by storm constantine the sign called shu should be called shu and tefnut. Though your absolutely right this book could be pure fantasy.
I will also check out some of miss clarks publications - thanks for the recomendation.


crystal dawn