View Full Version : How To Make Incense????

22-07-2009, 02:11
i am trying to make my own incense and i have seen online quite a few things about it.... BUT; they are also using harsh chemical, sawdust, glues and certain other things i would rather not use... i want them as NATURAL as possible... some people who are asthmatic could have a bad reaction to them...

IS there a book out there pertaining to the pagan / wiccan / life of NATURAL incense????

22-07-2009, 03:02
Scott Cunningham's Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews is good - almost all natural stuff.

The basic idea is to add herbs, roots and a little essential oil to about 80% resin (such as frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, pine resin, etc.). You need to get the balance right or the incense will just fume and not be fragrant. It's worth experimenting.

Burning it is a bit more tricky - you are likely to need charcoal, and most self-igniting charcoal does contain chemicals. Natural charcoal doesn't, but takes forever to light without help. In the old days, they just used to keep charcoal burning all the time. You can use the barbecue to get your charcoal red and glowing.

22-07-2009, 04:01
OK... thanks, i know of a few stores with this book....