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10-03-2003, 17:22
Dear Technical Taroists,

I have just discovered the smilies and overdosed on them a little today as you may have noticed.

There are a few depicting laughter and jokes. This one :laugh: means joke and this one :joke: also means joke.

Can you see the difference? Does the second one literally mean BLUE joke?

I don't know what the American vernacular is but in Australia Blue jokes mean......well.....Blue jokes and believe me, I would never make one, certainly not on the Internet (blush)

I notice that no-one else has used the blue smilie and wonder if I've committed a terrible faux pas by using them.

Dear friends, it has been raining here and I think the water may have gone to my brain, so to speak. It is just so lovely here right now with the approach of Autumn and the heat changing to balmy air with just a hint of moisture after months of drought (which isn't over yet).



10-03-2003, 20:49
Howdy Moongold...

LOL... hadn't really thought about these :joke: referring to a "blue" joke... hmmmm.... I just use them when I'm in more of a :joke: mood, rather than a :laugh: mood... ;)

10-03-2003, 20:59
Hi Trogon :CL :P

I like these two as well :laugh:

Perhaps it is something deeply unconscious?????


10-03-2003, 21:39
I've always interpreted :laugh: as simply laughing and :joke: as laughing until you're blue in the face... ;)

11-03-2003, 02:01
In the U.S. the term "blue humor" carries the same meaning.

We also :smoker: after...

11-03-2003, 20:29
I never noticed that blue smilie. Guess what I'll be using more often from now on.


23-03-2003, 14:55
Whats blue jokes? You mean p0rn/dirty jokes or..? :)

23-03-2003, 15:22

Can we make a deal? I'll tell you what porn means IF you post some more serious stuff about the tarot. I mean, do some tarot readings and some interpretations and say a little bit more in the discussions about the cards. I'd really like to know what all this means to you.

I'd like to see you really do that. Have we got a deal? :D :cool:

I apologise if you've been doing this all along and I've missed the posts.


23-03-2003, 21:33
Hehe..i know the meaning of porn. What i didnt know is the "blue joke". I did very few Tarot Readings. Even i did, i've a very fake feeling. So didnt bother to post there. I'm busy to have a Tarot Reading too. When i'm busy,i'll get stress and doesnt want to has one..^_^

23-03-2003, 22:49
Why not slow down and study one tarot card a day? Possibly you could post a three card reading once a week to boost your reading skills and get some feed back?

You've gotta start somewhere....... By the way.....This is not a blue joke but a serious suggestion .......What decks do you have?.................

Moongold :laugh: :joke:

23-03-2003, 23:02
Aleister Crowley "Thoth Tarot Deck" (Large Version) and "Fantastical Tarot Deck". I use my first impression during Tarot Readings. I infer them and use the guiding book. I dont really like to study one by one. I'm too impatience for it. Maybe during the long June summer Holiday. ^_^

24-03-2003, 03:49
Ah...................what a pity. It is good that you're developing your intuition. I just don't see a lot of evidence of that in your questions. Mind you, I haven't seen all your posts, just the ones I come across in other travels.

I know the Thoth deck is quite difficult, having just been given a copy myself. I don't know the fantastical Tarot at all.

Aeclectic is primarily a tarot site, though, and it would be a good chance to learn something solid about the tarot from all the other people here.

I saw your post asking for readings in the Readings Exchange section but you can't really get readings for nothing. Why don't you do a reading about something and post it in *Your Readings* to get feedback. You may surprise yourself. A three card spread would be a good beginning. That is where most people begin - with three card spreads I mean. I think people would enjoy seeing you have a go. I certainly would.

Hey Coldsuns....I just saw your post in Your Readings, Great stuff!


24-03-2003, 05:57
Originally posted by coldsuns
...What i didnt know is the "blue joke"...

Hi all,
I'm with coldsuns! What is a "blue joke"?

24-03-2003, 06:10
:joke: .......................are slightly off colour, risque but not pornographic jokes...................


24-03-2003, 20:21
Thanks! You mean "blue jokes" are jokes arent funny and abit of cold. A sorts of funny but to say..is lame?