View Full Version : Can you close accounts?

27-07-2009, 02:13
Hi all,

I was wondering whether it's possible to close your account on here, and whether in doing so all your posts are erased or else your username is blanked out?

I have had problem with someone badgering me on another website, and so am erasing as many traces of "Buraqina" as I can before starting anew to try and prevent it happening again.

Thanks for your help,

27-07-2009, 02:27
Hi Laura,

You can close your account here by writing to Solandia, our forum administrator. She can close your account for you.

Once your account is closed though your posts will remain. The forum would be in a dreadful state if everyone who decided to leave took every post they'd ever written with them.
I think that closing your account would remove your username from the members list but that's all.

Edited to add:
Another way to get around your problem would be to ask Solandia if you can change your username - that way all your old posts would have your new username and your old username would be gone forever.
I think there may be a small charge for changing your username but it's not much.

27-07-2009, 05:50
I changed my username to one I liked better and that changed it throughout the forums. Occasionally there might be a quote someone has done using my old name and that stays, but it's very hard to find on purpose and wouldn't be a problem for you, I wouldn't think. If you also change your signature, if you were using one, then I should think you'd be alright. Good luck.