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11-03-2003, 10:34
Hi, I was hoping someone could lend insight to the role of a pallas athena in one's chart. I have one in my 5th house along with Pisces and sun in the 5th. What does this mean?

11-03-2003, 18:56
Pallas Athena shows your ability to organize, recognize, arrange and figure out patterns. If in the fifth house, it'd give you ability to do these in creative area associated with the fifth house.

For example, in games and/or sports, it gives good strategic ability. When entertaining children, someone with your placement can come up with unusually novel ways to amuse the kids.

And in speculating endeavors, as in gambling or the stock market, it give you an ability to pick up on trends and such that most will miss.

I'm a little confused, is it in Pisces? If so, it magnifies all the above, adding even extra creative intensity. The only drawback is you may just think and not act upon your ideas.

Does it conjunct your sun in the 5th? If so, it gives yet even more intensity to the above, and makes it more likely you will act. Others will like your solutions to problems, as they will tend not to clash with authority. For example, if you write a novel, it'll be perceived mainstream, whether it is or not.

Analyzing your whole chart would show you how to incorporate this best, but I hope this info helps.

11-03-2003, 20:36
Frater antiplaster? Remember me?

Purplefishy, your pallas athena increases creative impulses, and gives you a knack for being able to have fun and make money while doing things you really enoy, as antiplaster pointed out. It also may give your first-born child similar traits.


12-03-2003, 01:01
When You said that you had 'a' Pallas Athena and had 'one' in your fifth House, I assume that you are also not sure what Pallas Athena is. Pallas is an asteroid (there is only one of it), the second largest after Ceres. It is associated with the Greek Goddess of the same name, who is associated both with war - a warrior goddess and the Moon.

The delineations posted above are a good guide to its role in your chart but also remember that it is a relatively minor influence (unless of course you are particularly interested in fifth House matters such as children or games or gambling)

12-03-2003, 04:35
Thanks for all of the input! My astrologer says that I have Pisces in the 5th house and Pallas Athena in the 5th, and Sun in the 5th. She told me that the 5th was linked with creative self-expression. Is this accurate? Oh and if you need for ref my birth info is: 2/25/80 Mission Viejo California USA 10:46 p.m. PST.
Thanks again!

12-03-2003, 06:26
The fifth covers creativity and the Sun actually is the planet of your creative will, so this is a good placement for it.

The fifth also covers;

Romance and short term romantic relationships (marriage is the seventh House),

Games, sports and recreation,



Gambling and speculation (including shares)

Celebrations and festivities aimed at enjoyment and indeed anything which is fun related.

Basically all of these are related to your individual creative expression. The fifth cusp in Pisces will go for less energetic expression and more thoughtful, spiritual, idealistic expression. Pisces is also connected to fantasy so you might write fantasy stories as a hobby. Pisces is also related to recreational drug taking - so this might be a very likely expression of a fifth House Pisces.

Thanks for your details - they would allow an astrologer to put the above into the context of the rest of your chart, which may support some of the expression or tone it down.