View Full Version : Personal Messages problem

29-07-2009, 23:23

I would suggest that you make an announcement to tell everyone about the need to clear up space in their PM-area if they have exeeded their storage limit. I think that there is a lot of members that aren`t aware of this.

Several times I have run into this problem, being unable to send PM`s to people because they haven`t enough free storage space. People, you need to delete old messages in your in/out boxes in order to send/receive PM`s!!!

(dancinggueen for one :))

30-07-2009, 06:05
I think most of us do know this; it's just that some days you get a whole load of PMs when you aren't at the screen.... At a pinch, most people can accept emails..... or post a note in the thread you wanted to make contact about ?