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12-03-2003, 09:23
I little boy was born in a town called Aries. He was so full og life and energy, and had many ideas. One day he left his hometown and went to the neighbouring town called Taurus. There he settled down and built a house and started to work the earth. Time went by, and one morning a girl walked by. Her name was Gemini, and they became good friends. He didn't feel lonely now and had someone to talk to.

One day they went down to the river called Cancer for a swin. The little boy, who was a grown up now, stood on the shore while the girl was swimming. She came up, and there in the water - like in a mirror - he saw thew reflections of the girl - and it was a baby he saw. He suddenly felt so much love for this girl.

One night they were walking their dog named Leo, he told the girl about his love. And she said she was in love with him too. They were so happy and ended up with having a baby soon after.

Now the man understood he had a responsibility, and he got a job at the company Virgo where he was working every day. Their little girl Libra grew up, and the man tought her about right and wrong and punsihed her if she did bad things. He felt strong and fair and respectable.

A year after his old secretary was retiring, and a young, mysterious and beautiful girl named Scorpio took her place. He was instantly attracted to her, and forgot all the things he learned of being respectful and honest. He started to cheat on his wife, and was dragged into this mysterious girl. But one day he woke up and she was gone. She had fallen in love with another guy. He went back to his wife, but she didn't want him now. He was kicked out. Everything was destroyed. He just wanted to die.

Then he startet to wonder why this happened to him. He was depressed, but the magic he had experienced with Scorpio held him up. He startet to search for answers, and on his journey he met an old wise man named Saggitarius. He learned a lot from him.....he learned wisdom.

After the old man have learned him everything, he continued his journey to a high mountain called Capricorn. There on top of the world, he found himself. This time an egoist without any negative effects. He was just himself. Alone. And with only God above.

He now knew that all people were just humans, so he went to a country called Aquarius where he met people and shared his wisdom. He also knew that man can use science to find facts, but when it came to right and wrong......only God knew.

He ended his days helping a handicapped girl named Pisces. A universal love for humans kept him doing this, and when she had gone to bed for the night, he spent the evenings watching the sunset and meditate and pray.

He died very happy.....alone, but not lonely.

17-03-2003, 01:50
So touching..but funny!! Handicap Pisces -.-'' Is Scorpio so bad? I dont think so! hehe~ Anyway is just a fairytale..and a interesting one!!

21-03-2003, 21:00
WOW that story is great. It's sad and made me want to cry. i write stories too but if i could write something half as good as that i'll be happy. It's haunting, beautful and haunting. write more.