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03-08-2009, 07:27
Hello all!

I will be going on vacation tomorrow evening, and may be able to take a look at some new stone stores.

I am specifically looking for stones to rein in excess hubris/arrogance that can rear its ugly head, along with my temper flares and impulsiveness. Oh, and occassional excessive leadership (aka being bossy). These traits aren't usually a problem, but when they do crop up, gosh, I get a bit scared of myself sometimes. I don't know much about astrology yet, but I suspect these flares may be related to the movement of planets and such, as it's like "they never rain but pour" (well, it's either that or the more mundane explanation of PMS), so I'm looking for something that can really rein these traits in when they become a problem.

On a side issue, I've read that Thulite is excellent for humility, but the thing is, I felt really repelled by it when I saw the images online...so an alternative would be really nice. The funny thing is, I've read frequently that the stones call for you, but when I've tried to find stones to help with issues that I have, they seem to be the stones that I get a really negative feeling with (repelled in the literal, physical sense).

Thanks in advance!
(I'll be leaving tomorrow evening and won't be back till next Sunday, so my apologies if you don't get a reply)*

03-08-2009, 07:44
I'm going through a fabulous book right now by Henry M. Mason: The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans

He suggests stones with the orthorhombic crystal structure for use as Dispellers and Restorers. There are a wide variety of colors, etc. Here are some for you to look at:
Nuumite (anthophyllite)

Thulite (zoisite) is a Dispeller/Restorer ~ Unifier according to his classification system.

I hope that's enough for you to find something that clicks for you!

03-08-2009, 08:03
Have you ever heard of bach flower remedies, the remedy 'impatiens' is very effective for everything you descibe, almost every Aries I know gets a dose of Impatiens in their beverage ;)

03-08-2009, 10:56
I know what you mean. I'm an Aries, and those traits are hardly ever a problem for me, either ~ when they do show up, I don't like it and feel embarrassed.

I was also wondering about flower remedies. I have most of the essences from Masters Essences, but my collection doesn't include the one for humility (Banana). More often than not, I tend to go the other way in terms of personality, and take too much responsibility for things (people think I go overboard with it, at times - beating myself up for mistakes), so I've mostly focused on other essences to ease anxiety and build confidence. I didn't even think that blaming myself for all kinds of things is giving myself too much power (arrogance), and that I need to get over myself. ;) I wish I'd bought that bottle with my birthday money, instead of another deck...

03-08-2009, 11:18
How about this list, for crystals that have a tendency to calm the mind, soothe, ground, destress, remove irritability and makes one more tolerant. :)

Blue Lace Agate: brings peace of mind with its soft, cooling and calming energy

Amazonite: extremely soothing and calms brain and nervous system

Amethyst: mentally calms

Apatite: reduces irritability and overcomes emotional exhaustion

Apophyllite: calms and grounds the spirit

Aquamarine: calming, reduces stress as well as quiets the mind, harmonizes, invokes tolerance

Blue Calcite: gentle stone for recuperation and relaxation, lowers blood pressure, soothes nerves

Blue Sapphire: tranquility, calms mind and tension

Chalcedony: brings mind, body, emotion and spirit into harmony

Chrysocolla: tranquil, serene, calming and reduces mental tension

Chrysoprase: inspires tolerance, calms overexcitement, cooling, takes heat out of situations

Lapis Lazuli: cool and calming, releases stress, balancing

Larimar: radiates peace, promotes tranquility, brings calmness and equilibrium

Moonstone: calms overreactions to situations and emotional triggers

Rose Quartz: infinite peace, calming, cooling, sedating

Selenite: calming, deep peace, quieting

03-08-2009, 15:22
Hi all!

Thanks so much for all the responses! I will definitely look into your suggestions. There were stones there that I don't feel the same negative feeling, and the Bach Flower Remedy sounds interesting, though I am a bit hesitant about things that need to be intaken/swallowed. As for the Dispellers and Restorers, would I just program the stone to target a particular character flaw? Also, has anyone else had that kind of "repelling" feeling with a stone that is supposed to help with something they need?

Thanks again!