View Full Version : incense without smoke

guy bannik
12-08-2009, 05:53
As an idea for you to try, in case you're not fond of all the smoke but still like the smell and are handy enough to make mix yout own incense mix.

Take one of them oilburning things. The ones were you put a small candle unerneath and have water and scented oil in a small bowl hanging above.

Place a candle as ususal, light it.
Instead of water you put a bit of foil inside the bowl (because of what you will put on the foil might get too sticky to get of your bowl).

Put some myrre or other raisin and herbs too your liking in on the foil. Feel free to grind the whole mix before putting it on the foil.

And now, you let the heat of the candle slowly do it's work. Important is the word 'slowly'. If you press the foil to hard into the bowl, a fresh candle might burn the herbs rather than free their scents.

So far this worked very well for me.

12-08-2009, 09:01
interesting, thank you.