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21-08-2009, 19:19
Hi all,

I was pretty unsure where to post this topic, as I guess it could just as easily go into the Divination forum (mods, sorry if this is in the wrong place!). Anyway, I am a crystal affectionado. While I don't have much experience with working with them hands on, I do collect them and love buying new ones for my collection. I love the energy they give off and of course, they are beautiful :).

I underwent some routine surgery on Monday, and I'm doing great. Was out of hospital the same day. That night however, I had the strangest dream. I brushed if off as just the residue of anesthetic playing havoc with my mind, but its still been niggling at me.

I had a dream that I was literally bathing in liquidized red jasper. I was putting it all over my body. How did I know it was red jasper? Well it was red, but I'm not familiar with the stone at all. I just *knew*.

I was wondering, could this be a message to work with this little stone more? (I currently don't even own a piece which is why its weird lol) also has anyone ever had any similar trippy experiences with red jasper?

Input would be appreciated :)

22-08-2009, 14:10
HI Charmy

what an awesome dream
I suspect even though you were in hospital a short time your body had a great shock and needed healing - I have a belief 'somewhere' there is a 'crystal hospital' - I have been 'admitted' in my dreams to have rose bed quartz healing and clear quartz showers.. (am I MAD??!! no - I know others who kept this secret for ages before telling me and more recently I have read it somewhere - maybe Doreen Virtue but I cant remember)

Jasper is really more to do with stamina and endurance - of course the iron helps blood and tissue as well.
I would see if some jasper comes your way - or if the healing was required at that time - and now you have moved on
either way its saying get more interested in crystals - I think its a blessing to remember such a dream.

healing sent your way


22-08-2009, 19:51
Hi Charmy,
I would definitely take note of your dream and get some red jasper. Maybe you could buy a small tumblestone and just carry it in your pocket for a few weeks. It would be interesting to see if you notice any significant changes.

I haven't had any weird and wonderful experiences with jasper, but I spent a few weeks planning what kind of a crystal necklace I should buy,and simply couldn't make up my mind. I kept asking my guides during meditation and sure enough, I received an image of a fluorite bracelet (not necklace). I didn't really know too much about fluorite at the time, and it was not something I had even thought about. But sure enough, the next day I looked up the healing qualities and it was exactly what I was after!

Good luck!

Eyes Wide Open
23-08-2009, 10:32
I haven't had any experiences with red jasper, but my big stone book says r. jasper is about endurance and stamina and it stilmulates the base chakra.

If you had surgery, I'd say it was a healing dream :).

24-08-2009, 04:27
Hi Charmy...what a wonderful dream to have...and then to remember!!

I've always found red jasper to be very protective as well as healing. It sounds like you were submerged in a protective bath while you slept.

Some dreamworkers recommend you sleep with a piece under your pillow in order to have better dream recall, too.

If I had a dream such as yours, I'd probably keep some red jasper around or on me during my healing time. :) Red jasper is often made into jewelry...