View Full Version : Simple herbal help!

22-08-2009, 04:14
Fledgling Wiccan (VERY new) and wondering what herbs go along well with different castings (at this point basic circle casting). Any help as I begin this practice and form of spirituality would be fantastic!

Guiding Cauldron
22-08-2009, 04:38
hi there for a basic circle casting salt is a very good cleanser, and protective mineral. great basic all rounder really :)

Scorpio Kitten
11-09-2009, 15:03
After many years of trying out different methods of cleansing a circle I finally settled on this because it's easy, it utilizes the number three, and it calls on all five Elements. Whenever I cast a circle I go cleanse it by walking around it three times:

once with a besom (Spirit) to "sweep" out the negative energies,

again with a sage smudge (sage is one of the most commonly-used herbs for cleansing; also the smudge represents both Air and Fire),

and lastly with a mixture of sea salt (Earth) and Water (preferably consecrated or "blessed" - but I just use storm water that I collected). I just get my fingertips a little wet and then kinda flick my fingers around perimeter of my circle.

I don't use any herbs to actually cast the circle though, just for cleansing the area beforehand.