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01-09-2009, 23:50
Hi there everyone.
Im fairly new with crystals etc. started about a year ago. As a result I need your help with a particular situation.

I was on holiday and found some beautiful Dumortian crytals. I bought 2 bot in the shape of a tear/waer droplet, as I was told they were great for reducing stubbornness and instability in relationships etc.
I kept them beside my bed for a few nights, ad then gave my partner one andI kept the other.
I figured in would help the relationship and keep us connected in a way.

however, the relationship did not work out and now I am in a dilemma.
I do not know if cleansing the Crystal will work, as I kept both beside my bed in a way having the crystals connect with me.
Memories of the relationghip are quite negative, from the usal things to abuse... lets not let the list go on.

now I feel firstly that even if I do cleanse the stone, that it will still have a connection with the other stone which my ex has.
do I get rid of the crystal?
And wat about the crystal that he has? What happens there? as I did feel a strong connection with that crystal, will a lot of my energy be left with the crystal and remain there tying a part of me there??

So basically:
1) what do I do with my crystal?
2) what happens with the crystal that is at his house?
(and I cannot go get it because I never want to see this person again, its far to much to deal with)
I know its silly but I do want to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance

02-09-2009, 00:05
Henry M. Mason classifies dumortierite as a Dispeller/Restorer of the Strengthener or Resister type.

Do you have a few other crystals that you could arrange in a healing grid around your dumortierite? I'd come up with something personal that releases any connection between the other stone, along with something to give yours a new connection/focus.

02-09-2009, 00:32
Personally, I would just cleanse the crystal and deprogram it using your intention. If you use a pendulum for dowsing, you can ask that any energy connecting the two crystals be cleared, and that the swing of the pendulum change when that has been accomplished. In my experience, it takes but a few seconds, less than a minute for sure, to do such a clearing. And then you can reprogram the crystal any way you wish.

As for the crystal at his house, since you are the one who put the intention into it, you can remotely remove that intention and clear the crystal the same way. The energy travels just fine, you don't have to have it with you.

Depending on how long you have been out of the relationship, you may want to look at having some decording work done on yourself, because it may not be just the energy of the crystal that wants clearing, and etheric cords can certainly persist long after a relationship, and keep you from moving on.

02-09-2009, 00:43
Firstly thanks to the both of you.

Cardlady: I do have oter crystals, but I do now want to really mix them up with this crystal as I am paranoid it may "rub off" some its energy onto the other crystals which I have with me daily.

Apollonia; I have had decording done and it helpe me a lot. I have no feelings (either positive or negative) towards this person aymore.

Re: deprograming the crystal, how do I do that, and how exactly do I do "dowsing" with a pendulum.

I would like to try this first before resorting to throwing out the crystal.

There is only negative energy with that particular crytal, all the others are fine... in fact I am studying with my citrine and tourmalinated quartz as we speak! =D

02-09-2009, 01:11
Sorry about assuming you still had feelings about the person/relationship--the words "negative memories" in your initial post fooled me into thinking otherwise.

Well, citrine will cleanse a stone as well. You could also purchase a new crystal of a type that is known to clear other crystals, and use it just for that purpose if you don't want to risk a beloved stone already in your collection.

But please don't throw out a perfectly good crystal--it isn't the crystal's fault, as it was just doing what you originally asked of it.

If you are going to "throw it out" then please, bury it in the earth somewhere so it can rest in peace. Or trade it to someone who is experienced at clearing stones and has no worries about it.

For deprogramming, just hold it in your hand, or place it on a table if you can't bear to touch it, and focus your intention, just as in meditation or prayer, perhaps saying out loud, "I hereby release any intentions made for you, and I clear you of all prior energies belonging to myself or anyone else," or whatever makes sense to you. (I assume that you already know how to clear any crystal that you purchase, as that is an essential part of working with crystals, so this is just the same--taking away any energies that were put into it.)

If you have a pendulum, you can ask it to swing in circles, or clockwise, or whatever, as long as the energy is still retained in the crystal, and then to change its swing, to counterclockwise or to back and forth or whatever is different from the original swing, when the energy has been cleared. Then you can ask the pendulum (having ascertained beforehand which swing is Yes and which is No) whether the energy in the crystal has been cleared.

You could also sage it before or afterwards to clear it. There are many ways to clear a crystal. If you do get rid of it in any way other than burying it or putting it into a body of water, it is most ethical to clear it before you do so.

02-09-2009, 10:55
Thanks so much for that;

firstly: im sorry I gave u the impression i was going to "throw it out" what i meant was letting it go down a river (my grandmother dabbled in a bit of these things and as child I remember her mentioning if you want to get rid of a crystal it is best to pop it in a stream or something of that nature, as it's cleansing and returning to earth... recylcling the crystal way ;) )

secondly thanks so much for your help. I will try each and every method of cleansing because i really do love the crystal... i dont want to get rid of it :(