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06-09-2009, 08:33
As a very new Forum member this past day or two I've done quite a bit of looking around and eventually a search, to ascertain that there IS a point to creating a Buddy List in the User CP list. :surprise:

My suggestion:
Perhaps a note could be included within the User CP Buddy List window, indicating that clicking on the Quick Links tab will enable Buddy list information to be utilised. This would be a helpful hint in the best place for users to find it. :WL

I really appreciate this Website and Forum. However the fact that the Forum is so vast can make it quite daunting to a newcomer like myself, so quite a bit of perseverance has been called for. My love of the Tarot has provided my incentive. :love:

This Forum is clearly a competent and dynamic creation, always moving forward, even though there is so much material to manage. The content is very well thought out - even that I can preview this message and edit it prior to final posting (including editing my newcomer efforts with the adorable Smilies) is a great facility. :bugeyed:

In appreciation I've now applied to become a Forum Subscriber. :heart:

I hope my small suggestion may play a small part in increasing the user-friendliness of this amazing Forum. :TKNW

07-09-2009, 04:22
I've never figured out any use for the buddy list, but I muchly appreciate the blocked user function. Everyone here is a pleasure to know, but sometimes my own prickly on the prod personality gets in my way, so if I just turn someone off for awhile I get over it eventually...

Good score on your AT subscriber membership, a great value.

07-09-2009, 04:43
Thank you, AJ.