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25-03-2003, 18:40
I bought a pendant of this incredible gem about a month ago, and have fallen head over heels in love with it.

I've always loved stones and crystals, but I'm only just learning to feel their vibrations ever so faintly.

I've read a little about charoite. It is from Siberia, has only really been known outside of Russia for about 25 years, and it works on the third eye. It stimulates creativity, and helps with stress and fear during major life changes. And from personal experience, it also seems to attract attention

Has anyone here worked with this stone before? What are your experiences?

Searching through the topics here, I didn't come across anything about charoite. So, I just wanted to share with others this lovely, but relatively unknown gemstone.

Follow the link below to see a wonderful charoite egg.

25-03-2003, 21:15
Fantasy! It looks like a universe. So unique and nice. It is to ward of nightmares. I guess so. :) What kind of pendant are better for guys? I wanna get one too! :(

25-03-2003, 23:07

WOW..That Egg is beautiful...I love the multi colors

According to the Heaven and Earth Catalog (love their stuff) Charoite "Releases old tramas and fears".

I didnt find any info in my Cunningham Encyclopedia of Crystals Gems and Metal Magic.

My advise..when you get the stone, charge it..meditate with it in your hands and concentrate on the purpose of the stone.,how you will be using it..

Thanks for the link by the way..

and heaven and earth is at www.heavenandearth.ws They have stone pendenents and polished jewlery and are wonderful to work with..they even made a custom peice for me.



26-03-2003, 14:25
I love this stone! This sounds weird, but the way the stone has pearly purple swirls all over it reminds me of a bowling ball. I have a pendant and a couple of tumbled pieces, and hope to pick up a little one-inch or so sphere someday soon.

coldsuns: If you are looking for a style of pendant appropriate for a guy, try a double-terminated style. The stone is cut to look like a double-terminated quartz crystal. I think this style looks fine on both men and women.

-- Kyrielle

12-04-2003, 05:49
i've seen Charoite in Heaven & Earth too and have always loved it and have been meaning to get some...this just might be my impetus (read: excuse! lol) to get a few pieces!!
Thanks for posting this Riversea, and i hope you enjoy your Charoite piece for many years to come!
many blessings to all!


12-04-2003, 07:04
i have a charoite story!
from my old site:
" I bought this stone at a whim from my local stone shop. I remember the owner to the stone telling me to treat it with respect.
later the same day in a class I went to the atmosphere suddenly became very tense, as I sat there holding the stone it suddenly cracked in two. Just a moment later we all managed to talk about what really happend in there and a lot of old anxiety and frustrations were discharged as a result. I would say that the charoit sacrificed itself for us in a very obvious manner."

i am still thinking i would want to replace it, i just haven't found the right charoite yet.

03-05-2003, 15:16
My experience with Charoite began about 4 yrs ago when I fell in love with it's color and soft matte finish which glowed from within...I bought it from"Heaven and Earth"at the large East Coast Gem and Mineral Show in Springfield Mass...they always have high quality stones available and I have purchased many of my stones from them...I have worked with Robert over the phone to tune into stones he holds for me...so I can access their energy and select just what I need...all the staff has been very helpful and supportive over the years...so nice to work with...

I have only a small 2'' piece which curves like the crone's moon...but all the purples are present...lights and darks and soft silky whites too...it is a feel good stone...just to look at its beauty or touch its smooth silky surface...makes you feel comfortable in your body...happy to be here...and at whatever place in life you are presently...it helps you feel supported and content...it allows detachment...and acceptance...but in ways that are thankful and grateful for this gift of life...it stimulates recognition of all your blessings...it is excellent for reliving depression...stress...and is extremely calming...even small pieces are very powerful...they work gently but very effectively...nice energy to have around...

25-06-2003, 00:11
Hi Riversea. I love charoite too! I discovered it by accident (cough-cough) at a rock shop when a piece of charoite had gotten mixed into the bin of sugalite. I loved the feel of it immediately, & I knew it wasn't sugalite but didn't yet know what it was called. At the time I was going thru a major life change - so no wonder I liked it. It was very soothing & uplifting.

I loaned it to my sister's friend to help calm her during her appearance with her dogs in a show. (They ribboned). She returned it to me when the event was over, but I've never been able to find it since, nor find another piece I like as much. (Shades of the vanishing-stones topic.)

I do like to hold it and gaze "into" it's irridescent patterns & channels.