View Full Version : Threads show up as "read" when I haven't read them and vice versa

09-10-2009, 04:42
I have noticed that most threads, when I enter a forum, do not appear in bold type, even if it is only a few hours old and I have not read it.

Usually the first three or four unread threads will appear in bold type. Let's take the Tarot Decks forum as an example. But the rest of the threads appear in regular type, even though I haven't read all of them.

First question:

How long is a thread supposed to stay bold? I thought it was until I read any "unread" posts. (My problem is that most "unread" threads appear in regular type, not bold, but I haven't read it yet.)

Second question:

Why, after I have read the unread posts, does the thread *stay* bold, even after I have read it? So this is the opposite problem than the one described above. I even have a thread I recently posted in and it is showing up "bold" even though I have clearly read it and I was the last one that posted in it.

(If this matters, I don't use the "Mark Forum As Read" feature.)

Thank you. :)