View Full Version : "New posts" button not working properly

Lady LuLuB
16-10-2009, 00:44
Every day or two, after not having checked the postings overnight, I come to the site and it says "you last visited: 1 hour ago." And consequently, when I hit "new posts" I only see a few. Then I have to go through each forum to see what's been going on.

I've been having this for months. I posted here once about it, but nothing happened. Anyone else have this issue?


16-10-2009, 00:56
Do you switch your machine off overnight ? Makes a load of difference; I found this happened with the Vista one I have elsewhere, which prefers to "sleep" - it does the same unless I actually power it off whether it likes it or not (NOT !!!)

Lady LuLuB
16-10-2009, 01:37
Sometimes it is switched off...but yes, last night it got left on by mistake. So powering it off makes the difference? Another good reason for me to remember to turn it off at night. Thank you!

Lady LuLuB
17-10-2009, 00:21
Switched it off last night. Didn't help. Came here after about 15 hours and it said last visit, 1 hour ago.

17-10-2009, 01:25
Oh well - try manually clearing your cookies ? Maybe one is corrupt....

Lady LuLuB
17-10-2009, 02:54
Corrupt cookies. That's kind of funny :-)

Will do! Thanks!