View Full Version : "Invalid threads" which aren't

25-10-2009, 19:47
This is REALLY weird.

Every time today I've posted a response to a thread, I get the "Invalid thread specified" warning window. I then went back, so I could copy and PM what I said (it so happens that almost every time so far it has been something that mattered, and the first time, it was potentially a health thing and I thought the thread might have been pulled.)

So I copied my post, clicked submit again for the hell of it - and it went through. That's happened in four threads so far.....

(Losing my hearing (http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=127152), prophetic dream (http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=127146), Doreen Virtue (http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=126961) and last person to post... (http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=117724)....)

I will return if it carries on all day... but anyone else ?

25-10-2009, 20:35
Not to me. And I've -er- been my usual shy, retiring self.

25-10-2009, 22:19
I've just posted OK - maybe you should run a virus and spyware check just to be on the safe side.

25-10-2009, 22:25
Oh I do, constantly. Both run in the background big time, heuristics and all (tarot is not my only obsession !!!) AND I did a big one first thing (Sunday is The Day for full system, all bells and whistles, AV and malware both....)

It seems to have settled down now and was ONLY this forum ! and given other strange happenings.... like vanishing posts and PMs - I thought I should say something ! Someone has suggested that if someone is posting to the same thread at the EXACT SAME MOMENT, that could make it happen. makes some sense, I suppose :)