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29-10-2009, 12:48
I found a ball described as, "A beautiful solid crystal ball at an amazing price! Formed from natural crystal materials, which have been processed to a gleaming, clear crystal finish." The price was fairly reasonable at $79 for 110mm. This idea of changing the material and forming a new sphere makes me wonder if it would be alright. What do you think? Has anyone had experience with these?

Dancing Bear
29-10-2009, 15:23
Look a natural Crystal Ball is preferable..
but where do you find perfect spheres of crystal in nature ? You dont!
So to have a reconstituted crystal ball. is ok too..!
after all it is mainly used for a focal point.. as a bowl of water , or a candle would be.

it is up to you..
I have both a natural large crystal..Non spherical for focus and reading with

and a reconstituted crystal ball 110mm I have 2 dark blue and one clear., they are different to work with.. but at the end of the day.. I get the same results.

Your Choice!

29-10-2009, 16:20
I agree with Dancing Bear
I have both - love both and both work...
I would be annoyed if I wasnt told it was reconstituted but when I know what Im buying I get a choice and its Ok...

let us know what you choose :)


29-10-2009, 22:04
I also agree with DB.

it doesn't matter if it is a natural one or not--because it is really a tool to use for focus. you could also just use a bowl of water with the same results. but, it's far neater to have a ball, isn't it? so, buy the ball! :D

man made or not, you'll see that the ball will have a personality of its own soon too--just like your tarot cards! :)

Briar Rose
31-10-2009, 06:46
Count your blessings the seller is being honest.

Le Fanu
31-10-2009, 09:02
I bought a large glass ball in a poncey interior design shop. Sold hideous, pretentious stuff - I wandered in by accident - but on a sideboard there was a large glass globe. I just fell in love with it and bought it. It isn't crystal at all, but I sit and meditate into it. I adore it.

I also bought a smaller ball in a new age shop which the seller said was crystal and I queried, saying "isn't that a bit cheap for crystal?" (25 euros and it was a ball about 6cm diameter) and she explained that crystal nowdays is much cheaper than it was. And sure enough the box said "quality crystal ball".

But of course I don't believe a word of it. It's glass mixed with crystal. Like those cut "crystal" wine glasses. It's a sham, but I know from my big glass globe that glass is fine. Let's just not pretend like the woman in (my) shop did!

Crystal to me is a rock, but crystal to others can be cut crystal wine glass stuff. I don't suppose calling such a ball crystal is misleading the consumer because it is a type of "crystal" !

But anything works of course as a focus for scrying or meditation; glass, puddles, fingernails, tiles...

31-10-2009, 09:48
agata, your question had me so curious, I went to my fave metaphysical store and asked if they had any reconstituted quartz balls just to play with them.

They didn't have any spheres, but did have a chipped block on hand. After handling the reconstituted quartz for a while, handling the many natural quartz spheres was a shock. The two materials 'felt' drastically different. Recon-quartz has a bland, neutral feel to it. Each of the natural quartz spheres had an individual and varying feel.

For some, there was no difference. For others, it was like night and day. The only way to know how you'll take to recon-quartz, is to handle some recon-quartz.

I can see why I would want a recon-quartz. It is quite neutral in feel and use. Much like working with a bowl of still, distilled water. Depending on the subject matter I'm being asked to scry, that neutrality could help.

My only gripe... is that the recon-quartz is too clear. I'd need to have some with imperfections.