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01-04-2003, 06:34
The Aries New Moon occurs at 19:20 GMT on 1st April. Both Sun and Moon will be squared by Mars, ruler of Aries and God of War. Mars is in the Capricorn, and any assertiveness is likely to be well planned and executed in a cautious manner

the New Moon is also trined by Jupiter in Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun emphasising the need for personal growth through creative activity.

The New Moon is sextiled by Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune represents dreams, aspirations, and hopes as well as fantasies. Action taken at the New Moon is likely to be influenced by hopes and aspirations for the future.

There is also an extremely close quintile from Saturn in Gemini, to the New Moon. Quintiles are often seen as an indicator of talent as they represent the marriage of form and matter. In this case Saturn is the planet of substance, the material, the process of building and concretising. This New Moon gives the opportunity to harness talents drawing on innate creativity and the unconscious mind and giving those ideas form and substance. Writing and communication are certainly one vehicle that can be used for such creative expression. This is a good time to let your creativity loose.

Of the remaining planets, Mercury in Aries is squared by Mars and sextiled by Saturn. A disciplined mind may help to overcome the possibility of talking first and thinking later or letting anger take control of what is said.

Venus in Pisces is conjunct Uranus a time for unusual relationships though ones centring on sensitivity, compassion and selfless giving.

The Jupiter/Neptune and Pluto/Saturn oppositions are still in force adding the darker background mentioned in previous posts. Pluto is also trined by Mercury the power of language and thought will be strong this month.

01-04-2003, 06:40
I had some problems with this month's New Moon as AstrolDeluxe Report Writer kept telling me that it was occuring in Pisces!

After much gnashing of teeth, consultations with calendars, ephemerides, and checking of Windows settings, I remembered that someone asked a question about the Age of Aquarius and I had altered my 'Zodiac' setting to 'Sidereal' to check how far apart the Western Tropical zodiac was from the Eastern Sidereal zodiac.

A quick alteration broughth things back on track and restored my sanity. I suppose the message is 'beware the [ephemer)ides of March (Groan)

isthmus nekoi
02-04-2003, 10:48
Thanks for the heads up Minderwiz, certainly sounds gentler than last month's new/full moon. For awhile, almost everyone I was talking to had bothersome external conflicts to deal with!