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15-11-2009, 21:23
Is there some way to save my private messages to my hard drive? I noticed at the bottom there is a drop down menu that says save messages as XML, or CSV, or text. I'm not sure what those mean and where exactly do the messages get downloaded?

15-11-2009, 21:28
They get downloaded by default to my documents, or to wherever you have set downloads to go automatically (mine hit the desktop !).

I like the TEXT version best - I find it easier to read than the others - but try saving them three times the first time and see which you like best. It does indeed save ALL of them - received and sent. Then open it to make sure it HAS - and then you can delete all the ones you aren't currently using. (and if you DO accidentally - you still have it; you just have to check in the file !)

But DO check the file first, before deleting. I failed to once, lost it somehow (which is why I now send it to desktop) and deleted them....and even Solandia couldn't bail me out ! Gone is gone !!!

You will then find that when you want to find anything IN that file, the easiest way is to search for the name of the sender.... Voice of experience !!!

15-11-2009, 21:34
Thanks a lot Gregory for the info and how quickly you responded as well. Have a great day!

15-11-2009, 21:37
No worries - I am watching ebay so....

(nothing exciting; I am selling a toy for my grandson ! Don't all rush hopefully over !)

But the save PMs thing is TERRIFIC - more people need to know this. I know one SHOULD be able to work it out - but it's amazing how many people post about how they are "just clearing some old messages" - and you don't HAVE to do that !

:bugeyed: I just tried the csv version. My advice would be - don't.... :eek:

15-11-2009, 23:35
I did NOT know we could DO that! How totally cool, and now my PM box is spiffy neat :D

16-11-2009, 00:04
EXACTLY !!! I keep telling people and no-one LISTENS :(

Tell all your friends !