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03-04-2003, 19:08
All images of Thoth Tarot cards can be found here http://www.tarot.com/about-tarot/decks/browsedecks.php?newdeck=5

03-04-2003, 22:18
Tha images there are even bigger... :P

03-04-2003, 22:21
The link i gave can view all at once. And you click it, it will have a bigger one appear. =P

04-04-2003, 02:40
Thanks for the links :) Coldsuns and Pollux
Coldsuns, your link was the one where I first saw the non-green version of the Thoth , and the one I eventually bought lol - even with small images the colours seem to blast right off the screen, very vibrant.
But the Magus? , I have all three in mine and I didn't realise that its that version that is released with the other Thoth decks? Is it or have they just put one of the Magi in? Anyone know?

04-04-2003, 02:52
Emily, I can't remember where I read this, but somewhere I came across a book which stated that Crowley never intended three magi to be in the deck -- he was dissatisfied with all but one, and would not have approved of the three-magus editions of Thoth. I'm not sure if the larger versions of Thoth come with all three -- I just purchased a new large edition to replace a worn-out older one, and it only had two...go figure!

04-04-2003, 04:57
The Banzhof/Akron book says that the reason they put the two extra Magus cards in the deck was because when the guy who supervised the reproduction of them in the '80's checked the gallery where the original paintings are held, he found 80 paintings rather than 78, and decided to add the extra ones to the deck.
They also mention a confusing (to me) theory about how there should really be 24 Majors, and thus the two extra cards are extremely important.
I'm beginning to think that Crowley never intended to expand the deck, but I like leaving them in and trying to figure out how their meanings differ. Never has more than one shown up in any reading I've done.
Oh, and Emily - the eight-armed Magus is NOT the usual one. If you get the deck with only one Magus, it's the Mercury Juggler one.

04-04-2003, 05:28
I leave mine in. Being a writer, it is interesting to see where they pop up.......

Also, referencing manifestation, it is interesting to see what they would point to.......

04-04-2003, 11:45
Thanks for the replies people :)
I thought I'd ask about which version of the Magus is released with the decks with only one Magus in. The books I have feature the Mercury Juggler but my favourite is the Eight-Armed Magus, but I'm also like Skytwig I leave all three in when I do a reading. :)

18-06-2003, 04:32
i don't know why the two extra Magicians are included in some decks, but the fact is that there are more than one version of almost every card in the pack.
Crowley was a stickler, and poor Lady Freida must have been a long suffering woman. but, all the better for us that he was!

you can check out some of the alternate images, as well as some of her preliminary drawings here...