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18-11-2009, 16:37
Hi all,

Let me start by saying that I don't really know very much at all about astrology. I spent some time reading a little about transits, specifically Pluto (at someone's advice today), and I also have read a primer on each of the planets. All of that is pretty general though, and I don't know how to put it all very nicely into context. But that isn't exactly my question...

According to one website's reading, my natal chart spells out a lot of likelihood for discord in my life, a lack of harmony. Also, I "accidentally" got a short natal chart interpretation by a hypnotherapist who was unfortunately unspecific in the information she was able to give me about myself. Now as I try to put together other informative bits, I feel only more discouraged. But should I? From an educated astrology student's perspective, what would you say (I know the extent of what you might be offer is limited by not knowing any exact figures)?

I'm not usually one to get caught up in unfalsifiable hype. But I want to take my interests and studies seriously and so I can't help but be serious about it. I am more rational by nature, so of course I instinctively want to avoid moving along like a fool - in other words, perhaps I should be aiming low, so as not to disappoint myself too hard in life? Or should I believe that I can subvert the stars?

Maybe I should post my chart, or does anyone have any other advice for a direction for me? Or have any relevant experiences to share?

If you would like to have something in return, I read tarot cards and will be more than happy to read for you to your heart's content. In fact, I would be glad to have a reason to read, as I am still a student.

18-11-2009, 20:49
What exactly are you asking?

18-11-2009, 21:57
your welcome to join our study group, one planet does not make the chart there are soo many varients with natal charts


18-11-2009, 22:14
You said, "- in other words, perhaps I should be aiming low, so as not to disappoint myself too hard in life? Or should I believe that I can subvert the stars?"

** You should never aim "low"!
** You should never believe that astrology or society or another person has total power over your life!

You live in a supportive universe. While not perfect, and subject to many ups and downs, the world will find a way to support your needs, your goals, your capabilities and your dreams. Any "power" that exists always resides within you and works through you for your benefit. Dave

18-11-2009, 23:00
well said dave, its all about free will!

19-11-2009, 04:57
le.jour: Sorry, I knew I would probably confuse a lot of you guys who actually know how to talk about astrology... forgive me, I did try, lol. Anyway I guess I was asking about what astrology/natal charts really mean in the larger picture for a person.

214red: Thanks for the link! :)

dave: Well coming from someone who knows astrology, I will take your advice seriously then. I realize too that I was coming from a place where my expectations were a little self-defeating. Thanks for your 2 cents :)

19-11-2009, 07:26
I'll leave you with a personal view of astrology:

"I live for astrology, I don't live by astrology."

Astrology is one of the most rewarding efforts I've made in my life and I would encourage anyone to study it who has an affinity for what it might mean, has the time, and can afford a computer and a lot of books. There is nothing in the world like the feeling of casting a chart and recognizing the person within it that you see outside of the chart. The wonderful thing about that is that it happens with every chart you cast ---- and there are days/weeks when I may cast 20 to 50 or more charts. Each is amazing. That's why I say I live for astrology.

Now, on any single day, if you were to ask me what sign Mars or Jupiter was in, I may not be be able to answer you. I certainly wouldn't know the degree of the sign it was in. I don't follow closely my own transits to my natal chart. That is what I mean about not living by astrology. Dave