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23-11-2009, 18:25
Hello all!

I read that tourmalated quartz should be used by an expert healer because it is a very powerful stone, I am definitely a newb

Any advice you could give me about this crystal combination?

23-11-2009, 23:39
I have to say I don't agree with that at all, I've never heard of such a thing :). The only way to gain experience with any stone is to work with it, so go for it. It seems to be calling to you :) I don't believe any stone to be too powerful for anyone to use. Sounds a bit superstitious to me :)
In my experience it is a fabulous stone for healing emotional imbalances, strenghtens the aura, it helps to ground so that positive energy and thoughts can break through, clears the mind and allows for deep understanding of yourself and who you are as well as the people around you. It's a great stress reliever, it really calms the body and mind to release negative energies.
It unblocks energy, cleanses and amplifies healing anywhere on or in the body, aligns all chakra points (gets them all to work together), and at the same time it protects as it heals.
It strengthens the immune system, dissapates pain, excellent for arthritis or any kind of chronic pain...I will sleep on a couple of them with hemetite, and wake up pain free :)
I know you will love working with this one :) Your body is prolly calling you to it for a specific purpose too, which is normal so grab some up and have fun getting to know it.

24-11-2009, 05:20
Alaskan flower essences company makes a great tourmalated quartz elixir you can take too!

24-11-2009, 14:25
Thank you, I can't wait to get to working with this crystal ^u^