View Full Version : Ascendant with no time?

07-12-2009, 14:01
Is there anyway to find out someone's ascendant when you don't know the birth time?

07-12-2009, 20:57
Have you tried ringing the hospital, some keep a record of this

08-12-2009, 00:08
The short answer is 'No'

Slightly longer:

Your Ascendant depends on two main factors - the location and the time. Of these the location is the most important, and usually the easiest one of the two to answer, most people know where they were born.

The more difficult is the time. However if you know a good approximate time (within a couple of hours) you can come up with an estimate (there are other threads, that look at this issue in more depth).

10-12-2009, 05:40
The only way (in addition to Minderwiz's suggestion of contacting the hospital for the time of birth) is to engage in a rectification of one's life in relation to the birth chart.

This is an arduous undertaking and is better left to the very experienced astrologer, preferably one who has performed numerous rectifications.

The astrologer will ask for anywhere from five to ten MAJOR life events, like date of marriage, birth of children, illness, accidents (of major proportion), profession, etc. Also, one's looks are taken into account (stature, shape of face, weight, etc). From this info, the astrologer goes on an expidition along with the birth chart to ascertain correlation of events to possible angles of the chart, culminating with an appropriate ascendent & degree.


13-12-2009, 20:41
Rectification by 'accidents' (as Lilly called it) works best if you have a good idea of your birth time to start with - it fine tunes that timing so that predictions of 'future' events, using your rectified birth time are good hits with the events that you supplied and it is hoped, with other events in your life which still lie in the future. Done by an expert, as AG suggests, and fine tuned still further as future events happen, this can work very well. Indeed as most people's birth times contain some inaccuracy (even if the hospital remembers to record to the nearest minute) it can work if you do have a recorded birth time.

As your initial range of error grows (you are less sure of when you were born) so the rectification process grows more difficult, though there are computer programs now which still claim a lot of accuracy even in those situations. However they will never be spot on for everything (indeed neither will an expert Astrologer working with an exact birth time) as humans are not automata whose every move is preprogrammed.