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12-12-2009, 05:34
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could offer any insight to something strange that has been happening in my household. I recently bought several Amethysts and placed one under my pillow and under my husband's pillow. I know that Amethyst is a good crystal for addiction and my husband has been struggling with addiction for awhile. The strange thing is, that each morning I awoke to find my Amethyst still under my pillow and his nowhere to be found. I have since lost two Amethysts in this manner and we are both baffled. We do have spirit activity in our home but they are typically good natured. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

17-12-2009, 13:33
Hi Vit-Varg-Anpu!
Welcome to AT! :)
Sorry nobody answered your question - so far.
I too have no idea, what could have happened, but I thought, I drop you a line to tell you that we saw your post and we are all happy to meet you.

Thinking some more about your conundrum with the amethyst I am asking myself - and you, ifffffff it maybe could happen, that subconsciously - -in his sleep your husband removed the stone, because he is not ready to quit the habit? Maybe fears about the nasty symptoms of withdrawal are nagging him??

I am sending you many blessings and hope for strength and endurance for both of you!

21-12-2009, 13:38
If he is a restless sleeper they could be anywhere. Goodness knows that I wouldn't expect to find a crystal under the pillow of anyone I've ever slept with...but then...I have a certain...unhealthy taste in partners :-0

23-12-2009, 13:10
hm, I have gotten pretty good with stones lately and I think that your husband's issue is too strong for they type of amethyst you are using.

I recommend a dark amethyst (without occlusions) set in silver or strung on silk along with VERY little peridot and some chunks of carnelian. Have him wear it as a medicine band or necklace. Warm and energize the materials with cleansing rituals. My personal favorite way to energize is with pure gold on one side and agate-wood on the other side of the medicine stones set directly in a brilliantly hued sun for one to three days.

I know its winter so sun is hard to come by, but maybe set the medicine stones in a wooden bowl in the kitchen and cook all your meals there for a few days. Cooking, I've noticed, provides a lot of sun energy.

Good luck! Let me know what you think about this and if you try it, if it improves the atmosphere.
[EDIT] Multi colored Jasper I hear is good for transformation. Take a look at the thread here on Picasso Jasper...