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18-12-2009, 23:26
I picked up a crystal book the other day and it seemed to imply that magnesite and howlite were the same thing. I know that when they are tumbled, they do look remarkably alike, but I always assumed their chemical makeup was different. Anyone here know?

18-12-2009, 23:53
Well, according to Wikipedia:

"Howlite, a calcium borosilicate hydroxide (Ca2B5SiO9(OH)5), is a silicate mineral found in evaporite deposites."

"Magnesite is magnesium carbonate, MgCO3. Iron (as Fe2+) substitutes for magnesium (Mg) with a complete solution series with siderite, FeCO3. Calcium, manganese, cobalt, and nickel may also occur in small amounts."

So I guess they are chemically different!


19-12-2009, 22:15
Hey there - REALLY freaky you posted this - I accidently found a list present - I opened it and it was a white howlite key ring - I LOVE IT - its sooo helping me feel properous and comfortable - I was sooo happy (still not sure who gave it to me)...

As you correctly state above they are most definately different!

Crystal Element: Magnesite
Magnesium Carbonate is an ore of magnesium
Expression: Metamorphic in origin, magnesite is a white carbonate. Magnesite enhances intellectual ability, inquisitiveness and accuracy.
Message: Close examination, action, prompt relief.
Sun Focus: You have a skilful probing mind; others appreciate your skill, sensibility and credentials.
Affirmation: I seek a catalyst to repair and restore wellbeing.
•Associated Minerals calcite, dolomite, aragonite, strontianite and serpentine.
•Other Characteristics: effervesces easily only in hot dilute hydrochloric acid.

Expression: White Howlite is a calcium-rich, evaporite mineral.
Calcium Boro-silicate Hydroxide.
White Howlite is an uplifting stone promoting good fortune, abundance, prosperity, comfort and security.
Message: Health, happiness and friendship – these simple pleasures raise the spirit.
Sun Focus: You have a great capacity to show concern, encouragement and affection to those in need.
Affirmation: I am grateful for the abundant goodness in my life.
Other Characteristics: Sometimes fluoresces a blue, yellowish white or off white color under shortwave UV light and dissolves in hydrochloric acid solution without bubbling.
Associated Minerals include colemanite, ulexite, anhydrite, gypsum, colemanite and clays.

well - just some of the things I think and feel and have researched on these TWO interesting - under valued - usually white crystal elements



20-12-2009, 01:18
Thanks Marina!:heart: I was hoping you would add your wisdom about these two stones!

20-12-2009, 13:15
Blessings - its such an amazing cooincidence -I have been working with my howlite today and its much more potent - helpful than I imagined -I cant beleive how judgemental I can be without knowing it about my friendly helpful crystals at times!