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21-12-2009, 22:41
Hi Folks

i am looking for recomendations on astrology software, decided i want to do this study properly, and now i stopped my monthly lessons because they were going too slowly, i dont want to stop studying...and i aim go to a summer school in 2010 for more lessons.

what software do you use, and why?

Also have you every had a transits and progression chart done for the next few years, if so where did you get it done


22-12-2009, 02:02
You might want to try some "free" software before purchasing software. Many programs cost about $150 plus, up to $500 for some professional applications.

Halloran, located in California, offers its regular software at around $160 but also offers a "free" version with much of the essentials included. You can get this version also for a fee of $26 which registers you and permits you to move up to the full version or get updates.

Riyal is another freeware program which is recognized as the most accurate positional astronomy and astrological program available. It uses a DOS-like format, runs under Windows, and offers a very wide range of options. You can review the documentation before downloading.

If you have the cash for the full version of Halloran, you might also want to check out the latest version of Janus which can be downloaded for free and used for 30 days. After that, unless you buy it, it can't be used further. It is kind of glitzy and has many nice charts and features.

Matrix has a number of focused software packages, Winstar Express being one that is easy to use, about $50 on sale. But it does lack some features such as solar returns, etc.


22-12-2009, 03:24
thanks dave, its a good idea about trying before buying!
i mainly want it to help me with progressions and transits, as natal charts you can get online easily

22-12-2009, 05:22
Like Dave, I also used Halloran's freebie (well I did pay for the registration, as you get it back if you decided to buy the professional version). I think that is the best freebie on the market. I also agree with his advice to try freebies first.

Another freebie of note is Morinus


Morinus' is the only feebie I know that does Primary Directions properly and indeed does them better than many professional programs.

I also have Riyal3, which Dave mentions - good but a nuisance to set up (compared with others)

Lastly I mainly use Solar Fire (which is expensive, as is Halloran's professional version and sadly much US software charges a very disadvantageous exchange rate for UK customers.

One of the big selling features of the professional stuff is its Reporting facilities, i.e. it will print out 30-50 pages of 'interpretations;. Really if you're learning this is a feature to avoid like the plague. You become sloppy and don't think about interpretation at all, simply pressing the button. So only invest in one if it has charting features that you will use and can't get from a freebie.

22-12-2009, 06:12
Yes, I agree about Minderwiz's view on report writers. I have, as part of my Halloran AstroDelux Report Writer software the capability to print out several types of reports, from short to long, or to customize them with my own notes or to include/exclude certain features. I have used it twice in eight years.

I do like Halloran's software because the cursor can trigger pop up midpoint interpretations and aspect delineations for planets. Also, Matrix's WinStar Express has pop-ups and timeline charting/graphs for progressions, etc. So, do take the time to browse. Popups are good, reports are bad for building up your own skills. Dave

22-12-2009, 08:48
thank you both, as you know i am lacking in the interpretation skils so i dont need a report to make me lazy, i need to see charts and plot things and put everything together.