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28-12-2009, 14:30
One numerologist taught that you can actually use numerology to see whether the name of your project or your company is good for your work or not by breaking the name down and how it matches against your life path number.

For example, if you work at the liquor store "ABC", ABC is broken down to 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. It is compatible for you if your life path numbers are 2,4,8 and is a natural match for you if your life path numbers are 3,6,9.

So, can we use astrology to find out when you look for a job to see whether the company you are applying for is good for you or not ?

28-12-2009, 14:42
So, can we use astrology to find out when you look for a job to see whether the company you are applying for is good for you or not ?

Yes, by using horary astrology.

28-12-2009, 15:28
I am just curious. How can you use horary astrology in things like this ? Can you please give me a brief explanation ?

28-12-2009, 21:45
Horary Astrology is mostly used to answer questions - Taking the question you suggested - 'Will a position with this company be compatible with my life's aims?' The steps would be:

Test to see that the chart is reliable for judgement (the chart is radical) - there are a number of tests or considerations that can be applied to do this.

Second way up the strength of the chart using essential and accidental dignities - a strong chart is likely to produce a 'Yes' answer, a weak one a 'No' answer.

Thirdly take the Ascendant Ruler as your significator, the condition of the Ascendant Ruler will give some indication as to your personal position relative to the company. You can also use the Moon as a 'co-significator'. If the Moon is weak in the chart this is good evidence that the answer is 'No'

Fourthly take the MC ruler as the significator of the job. The condition of the ruler givers some indication as to the 'value' of the job. If there's an Aspect such as a trine or sextile with the Ascendant or Ascendant ruler, that is further evidence that you will get the job - but NOT that the job is good for you. A square may indicate that you get the job but with some difficulty an opposition, that you don't get the job.

That's a very brief and simplified starting point - You can add to that by considering other factors such as the company itself (eighth house ruler) your own spiritual and educational needs (ninth house), the money that the job brings in (second house), etc. You can even consider the horary chart in relation to your natal chart and look at the strength of relevant natal planets in the horary chart. However all of the latter are irrelevant if the chart shows no compatibility between you and the job - i.e. your not going to get it.

29-12-2009, 14:19
Yes, look for compatibility between you and the company, if the planets in question, 1st and 10th are good, conjunction, sextile or trine, or mutual reception, then proceed to look deeper for longevity, working with co workers, money etc.

30-06-2010, 03:13
horary chart is it the chart for present planetary position which is also called gochar in hindi or vedic astrology??

30-06-2010, 03:58
Not quite. The chart is cast for the moment that the Astrologer understands the question - in that sense the result is the current transiting position of the planets. In most cases there is no relation to the birth chart and only the relevant part of the chart is used.

Relevant here is in regard to the questioner (querent) and the subject of the question (quesited). In most cases. only the significator of the querent and the significator of the quesited are used, together with the Moon.

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