View Full Version : tranisting pluto opposed to natal mars

05-01-2010, 04:47
has anyone had this transit? i have read the predictions on a couple of sites and i don't like them

rage against the machine
someone's ego being threatened by you so they will fight to the death to defeat you
be wary
that kind of thing
i must admit these two planets together in a transit isn't exactly roses but i don't like the fearful stuff
i must also admit its all psychological so far with this, if it's this!
maybe i should sit and watch murder mysteries all day long lol to pan it out

05-01-2010, 07:27
Ignore it - Pluto is grossly over-rated in Astrological importance (unless you are heavily into psychotherapy, or counselling in which case you can give full reign to all your masochistic impulses :-) )

05-01-2010, 22:13
thank you minderwiz - feel MUCH better now

think i'm going to take the year off from reading my transits and just get on with life, maybe read them after